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Zombie Prom
Zombie prom logo
Genre Comedy, Drama
Family, Teen
Created by Heather Loverman
Directed by Lenny Knight
Produced by Ricardo Toner
language English
Network Furty Channel
Editing Gillian Funterman
Running time
Running time 84 Min.
Country United Kingdom
Release date November 12, 2011
Production company L.O.L Laugh out Loud


Zombie Prom is about 8 Friends that Get Trapped in the underworld right around Prom time and they have to go to the Zombie Prom and act like Zombies for The Night.


On October 3. 2012 Furty Channel Green-Lit A Second Film To The Movie. Not sure it all the Cast will Return. On January 2, 2013 Stephanie Juggars and Kent Woos and Victoria Backer all Agreed the Return for The Film Sequel.On April 20, 2013 The Whole Cast Signed on To The Second Film