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The Name Girls
Genre Comedy, Drama
Family, Teen
Created by Henery Glage
Directed by Ronny Fuien
Produced by Rica Donter
language English
Network Furty Channel (United Kingdom)
Family Channel (Canada)
Editing Christopher Lanch
Running time
Running time 210 Min
Country United Kingdom
Release date February 16, 2012
Production company Bank Croft Entertainment


The Movie is about 17 girls who turn out to be Sister after meeting at there mothers funeral back in Chicago. and the search for them to find there last sister Victoria who was almost killed with her mother.


The Cast Mates of The Movie have not been Chosen yet Auditions are On June 10, 2011.On March 8, 2012 a second movie was announced but was Canceled after only 4 girls signed on to the Project.

It was Announced in December of 2013 That Furty Channel Was Thinking of Making a Remake to The Film with a Whole New cast.