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The John and Jack Show
Format Teen sitcom
Created by Bill Applegage
Directed by Steven Lawrence
Produced by Stephan Cusduda
Written by Grace Showinton
Starring Chad Howl
Danny Knapp
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 62 (John and Jack Show Episodes)
Executive Producers Stephan Cusduda
Co-Executive Producer Gregory Conwell
Production company Smile Funny
Bill Applegage Productions
Original channel Furty Channel
Original Run September 28, 2004–March 16, 2006
status Ended


The John and Jack Show is about Two Best Buds who get the chance to live there life as a reality show called The John and Jack Show.


Chad Howl as Johnathan "John" Goldspill

Danny Knapp as Jackson "Jack" Bennett

Jenifer Jockerman as Catrina "Trina" Garcia

Carla Zent as Beth Joann "B.J" Smith

Fred Willy as Kenneth "Kenny" Garcia

Fredrick Gypper as Trevor James "T.J" Wright

Adam King as Fisher Dobbin