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Rich Girl Poor Girl
Genre Comedy, Drama
Family, Teen
Created by Larry Tarter
Directed by Beth Gotney
Produced by Rica Donter
language English
Network Furty Channel (United Kingdom)
Family Channel (Canada)
Editing Nickolas Spencer
Running time
Running time 105 Min
Country United Kingdom
Release date January 21, 2011
Production company Bank Croft Entertainment


Rich Girl Poor Girl Is about two family the Hall's and the and the Markenson were 2 girls Kaylee and Ella and were switched at birth were the Hall's are poor and working for every thing they have and the Markenson are Rich and get what every they want but the doctor call's the two family and they switch the girls back and Kaylee Becomes Rich and Snobby and Ella Becomes Poor and Unpopular the family's Knew that there was problem because Ella is African American and Kaylee is Caucasian but they really Didn't Pay attention Because Kaylee Fathers is African American.