Reagan Delgaso
Full Name

Reagan Brittany Delgaso

Date of Birth

April 26, 1994 (age 24)



Years active


Reagan Delgaso is an American and U.K Actress Born on April 26, 1994.

Early LifeEdit

Reagan was born in Barnsley, England to her mother and father she is the middle child out of three children she has lived in the U.S in 1997 her parents moved to Huston Texas and stayed for 2 years then they moved back to the U.K so that Reagan Start a Career.


Reagan Started off acting at a very young age she was only 5 when she got her first Movie role on Zippers 2 and ever since she has been acting

Personal LifeEdit

She is the oldest Sister of Ryan Tendering form Smarty Pants she was dating Cole Griffin form Green Light but the two split in early 2011.


Year Title Role Notes
2000 Zippers 2 Valley Supporting Role Original Movie
2007 The Krumps Cece Krump Supporting Role
2012 Love Life Summer Abbott Main Cast Furty ChannelOriginal Movie
Best Friends Jen Main Cast Furty Channel Original Movie
2013 Katelynn: The Movie Katelynn Piper Lead Role Furty Channel Original Movie
2014 Coast To CoastPaulaMain Cast Original Film.

Television Edit

Year Title Role Notes
2009 Gold Stars Darcy "Doggy Poo" (season 3: episode 16)
"Magi Out" (season 3: episode 17)
"Darcy & Me" (season 3: episode 18)
"Champion" (season 3: episode 20).
2010–2012 School TimeHeather Dorian"Power Time" (season 1: episode 8)
"We Go Back to School Time" (season 1: episode 10)
"Test Time" (season 1: episode 11)
"Hunting Time" (season 1: episode 17)
"Our Road-trip Time" (season 2: episode 1)
"The Liar Time" (season 2: episode 2)
"Mother's Time" (season 2: episode 11)
"Computer Time" (season 2: episode 13)
"Music Time" (season 3: episode 1)
"Are Final Time" (season 3: episode 25)
2011–2013 Katelynn Katelynn Piper Lead Role Furty Channel Original series
2011 All Star Cheer MadisonFionaGuest Star (1 Episode) "All Star Movie"
2012 Sketch It Up Herself Guest star (1 Episode)
2012 JessicaKatelynn PiperGuest Star Special Crossover (1 Episode)
2012–2016 MeltonvilleGill Ventermen Main cast Furty Channel TX Animated Series.
2014 Willy Knows BestNaomi Schultz"My Birthday Knows Best" (season 1, episode 4)
2018–present Better off FriendsSteph WhimmerLead Role Curve Original Series