Natasha Davis
Birth name Natasha Kristin Davis
Born October 7, 1994 (age 24)

London, England, U.K.

Occupation(s) Actress
Years active 2004-present

Natasha Davis is An American and U.K Actress Born on October 7, 1994.

Early LifeEdit

Natasha Davis (Born October 7, 1994) to her mother Grace and father Don Davis in London England she stared acting at the age of 5 but she didn't get the chance to be on TV tell the age of 10.

Personal LifeEdit

Natasha Davis has 2 siblings Eric (Born 1987) and Charlotte (Born 1998).

Film Edit

Year Title Character Notes
2005 Salonika Nika Warters Main Role Original Movie
2006 Train Girls Jennifer Anne Main Role Original Movie
2008 Train Girls 2 Jennifer Anne Main Role Original Movie
2010 Train Girls Hollywood Take over Jennifer Anne Main Role Original Movie
2011 The Sarah Wright Story Sarah Wright Main Role Lifetime Original Movie
Year Title Character Notes
2007 Oscar Lucile Main role unaired pilot never picked up
2011-2013 Katelynn Samantha "Sam" Edwards Main Role Furty Channel Original Series
Television guest appearances
Year Title Character Notes
2004 So What...(TV Series) Bianca (5 Episodes)
2005 Lost Files Chelsea Guest Appearance (1 Episode)
2006 Fred is the Guy Ally Treblinka Guest Star (1 Episode)
2007 Jennie's Life Jennie's Cousin Guest Appearance (2 Episodes)
2008-2009 Scandle Miami Recurring Role (7 Episodes)
2012 Jessica & Katelynn Samantha "Sam" Edwards Special Cross-over Episode
2018 Better off Friends Josie "Think Twice" (season 2, episode 6)