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Monster High TV series
Monster high small

Format Comedy-drama
Created by Paul Tame
Directed by George Mathewson
Produced by Robert vanquisher
Theme performed By
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 37 (Monster High Episodes)
Executive Producers James Oriental
Original Run March 31, 2011 - October 6, 2011
Status currently Airing
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Production company L.O.L Laugh out Loud
Original Channel Furty Channel TX
Running Time 23 Minutes Without Commercials

On October 1, 2011 Furty Channel TX Cancelled the series after only 2 season's.


The events of the webisodes are set in a high school called "Monster High" where the whole student body and staff is made up of ghouls and monsters from popular monster fiction. Most of the main characters are children of the famous Universal Monsters.


On May 12, 2012 Furty Channel TX announced to making a movie to the series. But as of 2013 Nothing Has been said The project was Cancelled.


  • Frankie Stein — daughter of Frankenstein's monster and his wife. She is only 15 days old when she starts school, but seems to stay that age until specifically stated otherwise. In the webisode "Party Planners", she turns 16 days old. Frankie has yet to experience many things, like see a movie, and is very eager to experience everything life has to offer. She is on the fearleading squad. She has pale green skin, stitches all over her body, and two bolts on her neck which serve as electric conductors. Frankie has a pet puppy named Watzit, who has been stitched together like her with all the best bits of household pets. She is voiced by Kate Higgins.
  • Draculaura — daughter of Dracula. She is a vegan vampire, abstaining from any blood. She is hemophobic, being unable to even say the word "blood" without feeling faint. According to her biography, she is 1,599 years old. According to the webisode "Party Planners", she is 1,600. She has a pet male bat named Count Fabulous that Draculaura dresses up in pink and black clothing. Her father would like her to wear more black. Her style resembles the Japanese Lolita style. Draculaura likes to carry around a frilly black and pink umbrella because she likes to walk in the sun. She is really sweet and kind. She is a hopeless romantic with her love interests having been rather fleeting, common for a teenage girl. Her current and most serious crush is on Clawd Wolf, Clawdeen's brother. In the books, she goes by a more normal name, Lala. She is voiced by Debi Derryberry.
  • Clawdeen Wolf — daughter of the werewolf. She has tan skin, visible wolf ears and protruding fangs. Clawdeen comes from a large family and is not entirely happy about it, but does love her family. Clawdeen has an African American appearance. She desires to run her own fashion design company. Clawdeen has a rivalry with Cleo quite possibly fueled by Cleo harshly dumping her brother, Clawd. Clawdeen doesn't want Draculaura and Clawd dating since she likes to keep her friends and family separate. She has a pet cat named Crescent. She spells her name Claudine around normies in the books. She is voiced by Salli Saffioti.
  • Lagoona Blue — daughter of the Sea monster. She has long, blond hair with blue streaks because of the chlorine in the swimming pool, and light blue skin. She also has several fins, webbed hands and webbed ears. Lagoona speaks with an Australian accent and is depicted as the tomboy and is obsessed with surfing. She has a pet piranha named Neptuna. She is known as Blue in the books. She is voiced by Laura Bailey.
  • Cleo de Nile — the daughter of the Mummy of Imhotep from the 1932 film The Mummy, she is a 5,842-year-old Egyptian princess. Cleo is an extreme perfectionist to the point where she drives everyone else around her ragged. She has olive skin wrapped with stray mummy bandages and frequently wears Ancient Egyptianian jewelry. Revealed in Ghoulia's diary, Cleo dated Clawd, Clawdeen's brother, up until the day before she and Deuce started dating. She has a bejeweled cobra named Hissette. She is voiced by the same actress who voiced Clawdeen, Salli Saffioti. Cleo's attitude in the first season is selfish and underhand, but in the second season she warms to the other girls on the fearleading squad.
  • Deuce Gorgon — the son of the mythological figure Medusa. He has green snakes for hair styled into a mohawk which he calls a 'snakehawk'. Despite being a Gorgon, he has a charming face, peach skin and an athletic physique. Deuce always wears sunglasses, even indoors, to prevent his gaze turning others into stone. Unlike his mother, the petrification from him only lasts up to 24 hours. He has a two-tailed rat named Perseus. He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.
  • Ghoulia Yelps — the daughter of two zombies. She has light blue hair and pale gray skin, and wears horn-rimmed cat-eye glasses. Ghoulia considers herself extremely shy. She is the smartest 'ghoul' in school but she can only speak Zombie (basically, moans and groans). She has a blue, baby owl named Sir Hoots-A-Lot. She is voiced by one of the producers of the Monster High movie, Audu Paden. Ghoulia was revealed in the Friday the 13th of 2011 to have been the missing thirteenth chapter in the first novel, but makes her first appearance in the second novel as a girl named Julia Phelps. In the thirteenth chapter, Ghoulia is trying to get tickets to go to NekroCon and see a panel on Dead Fast, a zombie superhero. Her parents, worried that she'll get trampled, end up not buying her a ticket. Hope is not lost as Ghoulia can still win a pass in a Make Your Own Dead Fast Comic Contest.
  • Holt Hyde — His display box states that he is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Hyde. Holt is the alter ego of Jackson Jekyll and is unaware of his other half. Holt is extremely passionate about music. He only appears at night and has never seen the sun despite his best efforts. In the books, he is known by DJ Hyde and only appears when the temperature is high. The books provide more background on Jackson and DJ (Holt) Hyde as their mother explains they are actually the grandsons of the original Dr. Jekyll. The tonic, however, combined with his DNA that is passed down to his descendants. Jackson and Holt's father was driven mad from this and is in an asylum. He has a pet chameleon named Crossfade. Neither Holt and Jackson have been seen in the webisodes.
  • Jackson Jekyll — The only human character within the original doll franchise. The website lists him as Deuce Gorgon's best friend. According to Deuce's diary, they met when Deuce went to play "casketball" (monster basketball). Jackson seems to have a relationship with Draculaura in the doll diaries. His alter ego is Holt Hyde, but is unaware of it. Jackson only shows up during the day. His doll box only refers that he is the son of Mrs. Jekyll. In the books, he and Melody are a couple and he becomes aware of 'DJ' (Holt). In the lost chapter in the first Monster High novel, it's revealed he probably helped Ghoulia in illustrating her Dead Fast fan comic. He has not made an appearance in the webisodes yet.
  • Heath Burns — Heath was first seen as a background character in "Substitute Creature". He started out as being Draculaura's crush, but her infatuation soon ended. Heath has bumped up to being a regular character in the webisodes. In the first novel, Heath appears to be a normie (human). In Book 2 "The Ghoul Next Door", it is revealed that this Heath is a RAD as he sneezes fire. This ability he said appeared when he turned 15 and is still developing as it first started as gassy outbursts. In season 1, Heath was voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, but as of Season 2, he is voiced by Cam Clarke.
  • Spectra Vondergeist— A new character, the daughter of a Ghost. She can float through walls and has an "uncanny" ability to hear school gossip. Spectra loves to be free and unbound to normal conventions. She prides herself on being sweet, like her favorite food Angel Food Cake, and getting the truth out to everyone about the ins and outs of Monster High. Rumor has it that she is behind the "Oh My Oracle" article, but has neither been confirmed nor denied. In the Fearbook, she is voted as "Most Likely to Star in a Reality TV Show." Her pet is a ghostly ferret named Rhuen.
  • Abbey Bominable — A new character, Abbey is the daughter of the Yeti. She is an exchange student from up north. The Fearbook lists her as a member of the snowboarding team. Her pet is a a baby woolly mammoth whose name is Shiver.
  • Operetta — Operetta is the daughter of The Phantom Of The Opera. She was mentioned in Holt's journal, when he went on a date with her. She does not appear in any of the webisodes and on the Monster High site. Mattel has owned the trademark for the name "Operetta" since 2007[1]but there is no evidence yet that an Operetta doll will be produced.
  • Clawd Wolf — Clawdeen's older brother. Clawd is frequently mentioned in the diaries that come with the dolls and has made his first webisode appearance in "Fur Will Fly". According to Ghoulia's diary, Clawd dated Cleo up until the day before she started dating Deuce. Clawd is the BMOC (Big Monster on Campus) and plays on the casketball team with Deuce. In season 2, Draculaura has developed a crush on him, but he thinks of her as a friend. He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal in season one. He owns a pet gargoyle bulldog, named Rockseena.[2] In the Monster High books, his normie name is Claude.
  • Sloe-Moe — Sloe-Moe occasionally shows up in webisodes and his first appearance was "Cyrano De Ghoulia" as Ghoulia's crush. Sloe-Moe, just like Ghoulia, can only speak in moans the zombie "language" in-universe. Sloe-Moe is often around without Ghoulia and is a member of the chess team, pretty much an exclusively zombie club.
  • Gillington "Gil" Webber - Lagoona's friend and crush. He was first introduced in the webisode "Blue Lagoona" and has made reoccurring appearances. Gil is one of the top members on the swim team. When on land, Gil has to wear a tank full of water over his head. "Hatch Me If You Can" and throughout Gloom Beach does show he can be on land for a short period of time without it. Gil likes Lagoona back, however, his parents do not want him to hang out with her because she is saltwater, while he is freshwater. His full name was revealed on[3]
  • Torelei — Torelei is an orange Werecat who was introduced in the webisode Scream Building along with two werecats, implied to be sisters. She was a fearleader until she and the rest of the fearleaders besides Frankie quit to be in the school play West Side Gorey. She tries to rejoin the squad in "Witch Trials", but Cleo rejects them saying that she only needs them to shine her Spirit Staff when she wins. Torelei angrily promises Cleo will regret this. Torelei tricks Frankie into giving the video email she'd made of their routine under the premise of mailing to her parents.. Torelei shares this with the Vampire Academy Fearleaders to sabotage Cleo's dream. It backfires as the Monster High ghouls put their training under Scary Murphy to use and win the Gloom Beach competition.
  • Melody Carver — Melody is only exclusive to the books. Melody is a normie who has moved to Salem, Oregon, with her family to help ease her asthma. Melody once had a camel-hump nose that was fixed by her plastic surgeon father, not only to aid her in breathing, but also, she believes, for cosmetic reasons. She has a crush on Jackson Jekyll and is the one to show him the truth behind his blackouts. In the second book, Melody and Jackson are officially together. Melody creates the NUDI group, Normies Uncool with Discriminating Idiots, as a means for normies like her and Brett, Frankie's crush in the first book boyfriend in the second, to help the RADS in being themselves within society.
  • Billy Phaidin - Billy is "seen" only in the Monster High books. He is invisible and has a crush on Frankie. Billy helps out Frankie by dressing up to look like her. This was to help Melody in meeting Bekka's deadline to get the video of Jackson turning into DJ back. He is a descendant of the Invisible Man.
  • Hoo-Dude- Hoo-Dude is seen in "Hoodoo You Like?" Frankie, feeling left out, lies about having a boyfriend. After her friends inquire who it is, Frankie says he's sick and will be in class tomorrow. Frankie ends up staying awake all night making herself a boyfriend. She arrives at school with a life-size ragdoll. After her friends tell her that not having a boyfriend will not leave her out of their group, Frankie discards Hoo-Dude. He then comes to life crying over their break-up.

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