&nbsp The following is a list of episodes of the Furty Channel sitcom, Jessica. The series is expected to air August 6, 2011.Jessica is about a Girl Named Jessica Powers (Sabrina Lawrence) who works at the Moon Beach in Miami Florida and who is a Freshman in High School She Deals with many strange things in her life mostlikley like a regular teenager she gets in alot of trouble she has an older sister Angel (Catrina Rogers) who is a goody to shoes and always pulling Straight A,s and her best friend for 10 Years Brooke (Christy Zinterwood) get into all kinds of trouble and she has Been the love interest of Chris (Craig Kingsford) since 3rd Grade Like most Teenagers Jessica Has to Deal with Bullies Robin (Vivian Migana) and Renee (Jenifer Jockerman) Robin is also Angel Best friend and the Love interest of Jamal (Travis Morris) who happens to Like Angel and Robin.

Series OverviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.K. Dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 21 August 6, 2011 December 10, 2011
2 December 17, 2011 April 21, 2012
3 30 April 28, 2012 January 12, 2013
4 28 January 19, 2013 February 8, 2014[1]
Film August 23, 2013
5 30[2] March 29, 2014[3] January 3, 2015[4]

Season 1: 2011Edit

21 Episode were produced.

Episode # Season # Episode title Original air date Prod.code U.K. viewers
1 1 "Jessica Pilot " August 6, 2011 1016.9

Jessica Sabrina Lawrence and Angel Catrina Rogers Start there Freshman and sophomore year at SVH. Meanwhile Robin Vivian Migana and Renee Jenifer Jockerman convices there father to give a free shopping spree to Miami. and Jamal Travis Morris and Chris Craig Kingsford come up with there plan to make Jessica and Angel be there girlfriends.

Absent: Christy Zinterwood

Note: This episode Premiers in the August 6 Showdown Night

2 2 "The Friendship Test " August 13, 2011 1097.0
Chris's new friend Jason dates Jessica and Brooke at the same time and there friendship will be tested.
3 3 "The California Girl " August 20, 2011 1076.2
When Jessica hears through the grapevine that Jamal's uncle, a Hollywood director, is in town, she is determined to get a role in his movie.
4 4 "Totally Clueless " August 27, 2011 1035.3
Jessica and Angel and Brooke try to win a pool contest held at the Moon Beach. Meanwhile Jamal Tries help Ken ask Renee on a date.

Absent: Vivian Migana

Absent: Craig Kingsford

5 5 "What a Bad Model Behavior" September 3, 2011 1046.7
A Famous model Ashley Blair comes to Swarm Valley, hoping for a fresh start.

Guest Star: Oliva Mines as Ashley Blair

6 6 "Working Girl" September 10, 20111057.4
Robin's father forces her to work at the Moon Beach cafe, where she falls for delivery man Trevor.
7 7 "I Didn't get invited to the party" September 17, 2011 1066.8
When Robin and Renee throw a party they invite Jessica, Angel, Chris, Jamal, Ken but they dont invite Brooke an she starts to wonder why they didn't invite her so she sneaks in the party as some one els and tries to get revenge on Robin and Renee she Meanwhile Jessica and Renee get in a catfight over chris.
8 8 "Skiing Slash Surprise Party" September 24, 2011 1086.3
Jessica, Robin, Renee and Brooke take a skiing trip in the mountains and Jessica tries to win a downhill race. Meanwhile Angel and Jamal try to a band booked to play at the school for Chris suprise birthday Party
9 9 "Jessica Fever" October 1, 2011 1025.8
Jessica and Angel plan a 70's disco dance at SVH. Meanwhile Brooke and Robin face off for the love attention of the new guy in school.
10 10 "Romance Wasn't Built in a Day" October 8, 2011 1104.8
Jessica wins a trip to Brazil for her and her friends. Meanwhile Renee and Robin win a trip to L.A but it turns bad
11 11 " Secret to Keep from Your Friends" October 15, 2011 1115.7
Jessica and Chris try keep their relationship a secret from Angel and Robin.
12 12 "Jessica Vs The Olivers" October 22, 2011 1126.8
When Jessica wins a shopping spree that Robin and Renee have worked so hard for they decide to sabotage her an steal her ticket but little do they no that Jessica replace the ticket and they really got a free shopping spree at lou and cows farm.

Absent: Travis Morris

13 13 "Jessica" October 29, 2011 1135.5
Jessica hits her head while in school so she has a dream that she is a Snow White.

Absent: Vivian Migana

14 14 "The Smurfs" November 5, 2011 1144.8
The school has a play casting Jessica as Smurfette and Jamal as Jokey Smurf and Chris as brainy Smurf and Angel as Grouchy Smurf and Brooke as Finance Smurf and Robin as Sassette Smurfling.
15 15 "The King Sloppy" November 5, 2011 1156.3
Jessica and Angel are assigned to guide an important exchange student. Meanwhile Chris and Jamal hatch a plan to eat a King Sloppy, the world's biggest hamburger.and Brooke tries out for the cheerleading Squad and thinks she has found her new mate when Austin ask her out.

Absent: Vivian Migana

Guest Star: Kent Woos as Austin

16 16 "Robin an the One Women Show" November 12, 20111167.1
When Angel gets picked instead of Robin as the lead role in the schools play of Grease Robin decides to put on her own show all about her and performed bye her. Meanwhile Jessica and Brooke are assigned a science project were they have to work with Renee and thing turn crazy when Renee sets there project on fire. And Chris and Jamal are tied of waiting for Jessica and Angel to be there Girlfriends so they go Looking for some new ones but they get in trouble with the law when they are caught using there fake ID's
17 17 "Jessica gets fired" November 19, 2011 1175.6
When Jessica gets Fired from the moon beach she tries to work as her school advice column but things go wrong when she gives everyone bad advice Especially her best friend Brooke. Meanwhile Robin tries to win Jamal over while Angel is on a skiing Trip.
1818 "Jessica's New Guy" November 26, 20111187.8
While Jamal has to fight off rumors about a recent date. Meanwhile Jessica finally lets Jason know that she likes him.

Absent: Vivian Migana

1919 "Dance Show" December 3, 201111910.2
Jessica and Brooke go to New York to Visit Brooke's Cousin Cargina and they also get the chance to dance with Marcia and Gina on there show.

Guest Stars: Fionna Streamer as Gina and Charlotte Spencer as Marcia

2020 "I Want My Own Room" December 10, 2011 1208.3
Jessica and Angel begin arguing more frequently, which causes them to move into separate rooms. They soon learn that they miss each other, and move back into the same room.
2121 "Marry Christmas Angel" December 10, 20111217.9
Angel Receives a Car for Christmas but things go bad when she crashes into the school with it and she begs the principal not to tell her parents at lest until Jamal fixes it for her.. Meanwhile Robin spend Christmas with Jessica and Brooke and see that there really cool girls and that they can be friends until Renee comes Back.

Season 2: 2011-2012Edit

Episode # Season # Episode title Original air date Prod.code U.K Viewers
221 "O No There Back " December 17, 2011 2018.4
Every one finally have a good time over the summer while Robin and Renee were gone but when school starts the girls return to make people lives Miserable.
232 "New Girl Got it Going On" December 24, 20112047.0
When A new girl arrives at school she soon becomes Jessica and Brooke's friend but she is out on A Mission to destroy Robin. Meanwhile Angel and Chris have a Auction to feed the hungry which ends in Chris eating everything.

Absent: Travis Morris

243 "Brooke's Big Date" December 31, 2011 2068.1
When Chris asks Brooke out Jessica and Angel have a plan to make there date the best Date in in the world. Meanwhile Renee tries to get her friends to vote for her in the schools mini prom.

Absent: Vivian Migana

254 "Jessica an Smarty Pants" January 7, 201220714.6
Jessica and Gang travels to Hollywood were there gonna be contestants on the game show Smarty Pants. Meanwhile Emma and Jessica try there hardest to Study to see which one of them will win while Robin and Renee and Mia bond when they all go shopping and Lanay and Brooke go to an arcade and hangout with Lucas and Will and things get heated up for Angel and Jamal.
26 5 "No Prom For You Jessica" January 14, 20122107.2
When Jessica fails her Spanish test her parents wont let her go to prom . Meanwhile Robin tries to pay the geek that is hosting prom to Make the votes look like she won when Angel really Won Prom Queen. and Brooke and Chris go to prom as a couple while Renee tries to ruin them all night.
276 "Bring it On" January 21, 20122117.6
When the school head Cheerleader kicks Robin off the squad she forms a team with Jessica , Angel, Brooke and Renee and the two teams battle it out to see what team is really gonna bring it.
28 7 "Call Teen Line" January 28, 20122127.3
Jessica and Brooke start a Teen Line for there school to give advice about the teen's Life. Meanwhile Angel and Robin try to beat each other to see which one of them will win the Science Fair and they had a bet that the winner will get to Date Jamal.

Absent: Craig Kingsford

29 8 "Reality Takes a Jessica" February 4, 20122028.3
Jessica finds a screenplay in the mail and suddenly finds herself behind the scenes of Moon Beach where her friends and family are the actors and actresses on the show and everyone refers to her as My Lord.
30 9 "Homework" February 11, 20122058.5
Jamal dreams about Jessica. Brooke tries to find their lost grandfather. Angel is tired of being called a geek and start going to parties and failing school. Chris makes up an imaginary friend to get Jessica's attention and she accidentally tells everybody about it. Jamal and Jessica kiss.

Absent: Vivian Migana as Robin

31 10 "Beach Party Drama" February 18, 20122037.9
Brooke Throws a Valentines Day Party on the Moon Beach and she invited everyone except Robin and Renee which come to the party anyway but are put out by security. Meanwhile Jessica and Jamal break up and Chris tries to help Angel get her father's car back home before he notice but Unfortunately he did.
32 11 "Robin and Renee are Poor" February 25, 20122067.3
When Robin and Renee's Dad losses his job he caint give the girls any more money and tells them that they have to work for the money by getting a job at the moon beach with Jessica and Angel.
33 12 "Jessica Drives" March 3, 20122087.8
When Jessica Finally Get her license her father wont let her drive because he thinks that she is not ready yet so Jessica and Brooke steal the car and go on a road trip with Robin and Angel. Meanwhile Chris and Jamal are forced to do Renee's fashion show or she will tell that there the ones who broke into the school and stole the football wear.
34 13 "Psycho Date" March 10, 20122097.4
Jessica's new Boyfriend strange behavior freaks out her friends and they try to convince her to break up with him but she wont. meanwhile Robin and Angel try out for the new Play that will be on Broadway. and Jessica finally see's what her friends are Talking in Roger and she breaks up with him.

Absent: Craig Kingsford as Chris

35 14 "No More Miss Nice Gal" March 17, 20122149.8
Robin and Renee have been pulling Pranks on Jessica and Brooke for Years so they decide to Get them Bye putting up a sign that says Credit Cards are no longer Legal which Freak the two girls out. meanwhile Jamal and Chris Teach angel how to Ice Skate.
36 15 "Fun and Funky" March 24, 201221310.9
Jessica and Robin both have to host the School;s new Radio station called fun and funky robin will host Fun and she leaves Jessica with Hosting funky.
37 16 "Jessica's Band" March 31, 20122168.3
Jessica and Brooke form a band to compete in the Battle of the Teen Contest but the band breaks up because the Girls don't want to Listen to the other person and Brooke Leaves Jessica to be embarrassed but Angel steps in and Jessica's band wins the Competition.

Absent: Vivian Migana as Robin

38 17 "Bloop Jessica" April 7, 20122178.5
Sabrina Lawrence and Catrina Rogers and Travis Morris and Vivian Migana and Craig Kingsford and Christy Zinterwood sit around and look at the most outrageous and funny scene from the past 2 seasons and show a sneak peek for season 3.
39 18 "The Last Test" April 14, 20122188.6
Jessica has to study real Hard for her final test or she want be able to go to new York Because she will have to go to summer school.
40-41-4219-20-21 "We Meet Matt & Amy" April 21, 2012219-220-22113.6
When Jessica's school Fly to Washington D.C for a field trip they go to Walloon High were they meet Matt and Amy tries to Show the Gang around the school but every one ignores her and Slips off and goes looking on there own Robin and Renee and Lauren all see that they have so much in Common that they all use Robin and Renee Father's private Jet and go to new zealand for Lunch and shopping and Angel and Brooke Make lemonade for the football team and Brooke set's her eye's on Sheldon. Meanwhile Jessica and Amy bond over the New's paper because Jessica has always wanted to work on the school's new's paper and Jamal Chris and Matt all try to find a little girl that stole the present's that they were gonna give to the girls.
Note: Althought this is a crossover with Matt & Amy it will only be credited as an Jessica Episode.
Guest Star: Ryan Woodworth and Naomi Downwood and Brittany Higgins and Matthew Barcelony

Season 3: 2012-2013Edit

Episode # Season # Episode title Original air date Prod.code U.K Viewers
43-44 1-2 "Hello Summer in New York" April 28, 2012 302-303 9.4
The Gang Heads to New York for a summer Vacation with robin and Renee. meanwhile Jessica and Brooke go out looking for camping Gear when they run into Todd Oliver who happens to be Robin and Renee Cousin.
Guest Star Jenifer Jockerman as Renee
45 3 "Jessica Starts 11th Grade" May 5, 2012 301 11.3
Jessica And Brooke start there Junior Year of high School and they Freak out when there not an any of the same Classes Brooke is in classes with all the hot guys and Jessica is in Classes with all the girls she dislikes Mainly Renee. Meanwhile Robin and Angel start there Senior Year and Angel starts looking a t colleges early so she can get ahead start to see which one she wants to attend and Jamal learns that he has been Held back into the 11th Grade he is now in classes with Chris and Jessica.
Guest Star Jenifer Jockerman as Renee
46 4 "Jessica and Robin For President" May 12, 2012 304 8.9
Jessica Runs for student president Against Robin which everyone's thinks she crazy because no one run's against Robin. Meanwhile Brooke and Renee have to be lab Partners and Di-sect a Frog and Jamal and Chris and Angel try to get the school to put Jamal in his right grade being a Senior but they want.
Guest Star Jenifer Jockerman as Renee
47 5 "Way To Go Jessica" May 19, 2012 309 9.8
When Renee who has been an enimie for Jessica since grade school wont stop picking at her she finally get the courage to pick back at her and Renee is left not knowing what to do.
Guest Star Jenifer Jockerman as Renee
48 6 "Jessica On Both Sides" May 26, 2012 312 8.7
When Brooke and Angel Have a Fight Jessica has to be on both sides of the Fence because she could lode her sister and her Bestfriend.
49 7 "Guest Speaker" June 2, 2012 305 8.4
When Jessica's Favorite Tv Show Character comes to her school the school starts a Guest Speaking Contest whitch the winner will interview Roxy Chase and Renee finds out and she tries to Win just so that jessica would Lose. Meanwhile Angel and Robin see a Crime in The Mall while Shopping and Brooke wants Jamal and Chris to play Her Brothers in a Beach Song for her dad a Big time Music Producer.
50 8 "Tv Star" June 9, 2012 306 9.2
Jessica gets a chance to be on a show called TV Star but Robin, Angel and Brooke all fight for the role. Meanwhile Jamal, and Chris open a snack shop calling it "Taco Sells" seeing who can get enough money to buy the last soda drink hat.
51 9 "Love Band" June 16, 2012 307 8.7
A Famous band comes to Jessica's School and She falls for the Lead Singer and so Does Robin and Angel. meanwhile Renee Forces Brooke to Take Jamal on a date while she is on one with Chris.
Guest Star Jenifer Jockerman as Renee
52 10 "Football Hand Cheer" June 23, 2012 323 8.5
Jamal and Chris both want to play football again so they try out. Meanwhile when Jessica and Brooke and Angel start a Cheer war with Robin and Renee Friendships get a little crazy. And Jessica and Brooke think that Angel is helping Robin and Renee with there steps and there there's.
Guest Star Jenifer Jockerman as Renee
53 11 "Snap Crackle Ka-Blam" June 30, 2012 310 9.3
Jessica and Robin both Compete to get Dave's Candles Attention when he rates the most Boring in the school on his Snap Crackle Ka-Blam Blogs so they both try to impress him and they end up hurting him. Meanwhile Brooke and Renee try to get Angel to Help Jamal and Chris with all there girl problems.
Guest Star Jenifer Jockerman as Renee
54 12 "Brooke's Burger's" July 7, 2012 311 8.9
When Brooke gets all her father's money stolen by her date she with the help of Jessica opens a Burger Shop in there school. Meanwhile Angel and Robin try to get Chris to express his true feelings to Renee.
Absent: Travis Morris as Jamal
Guest Star Jenifer Jockerman as Renee
55 13 "Computer Wize" July 14, 2012 312 9.2
When Jessica has a major paper due her computer shoots off and she caint do her paper so she calls Chris at 3 am to make him help her fix her computer so she wont get an F on her big paper. meanwhile Angel and Brooke and Jamal all try to get Renee and Robin back on Speaking Terms after they have an Argument about there new Puppy.
Guest Star Jenifer Jockerman as Renee
56 14 "Tammy Returns" July 21, 2012 316 9.7
A Childhood Enemy of Jessica and Brooke returns to school her name is Tammy and she loves to make fun of them so when they find out she coming back to school they try to hide out from her but Tammy always finds them. meanwhile Jamal and Chris go on a date with Latin Chicks who dont speak english.
Absent: Vivian Migana as Robin
57 15 "Apple Sead Group" August 4, 2012 313 9.0
When Jessica and Brooke compete against Angel and Robin to become members in the New Apple seas Group in school. Meanwhile Jamal and Chris try to see who can get the most girls by lieing to them about who they are.
58-59 16-17 "Jessica & Katelynn" August 11, 2012 329-330 15.8
Jessica (Sabrina Lawrence) wins a Contest to be on her favorite Talk show Called "Good-After-Noon-Songs" were she will get the Chance to perform a song live on national Television but when she gets there Katelynn (Reagan Delgaso) thinks that she is the winner and she starts to rehearse her song and Jessica and Katelynn both try to explain to each other that they were picked to sing. meanwhile Angel (Catrina Rogers) and Robin (Vivian Migana) both fall for Ricky (Austin Walker) and they try to to pamper him and give him whatever he wants and Sam (Natasha Davis) and Joseph (Grant Levis) and Katherine (Julia Banks) Help Brooke (Christy Zinterwood) come up with an idea for a T-Shirt brand that would help both Jessica and Katelynn and Anthony (Fred Willy) and Jamal (Travis Morris) and Tony (Riley Stoning) and Chris (Craig Kingsford) are all put in Mall Jail after being accused of being the Triple Robbers. Later Jessica and Katelynn decide to put there Songs Together and both be on the show.
Songs featured "Are Worlds Collide"
60 18 "Renee's Birthday Holiday" August 25, 2012 314 8.7
Renee's Birthday is coming up and everyone in school knows that Renee Birthday means a Holiday she Renee throws a big Party and she makes everyone dress up how she wants them to and everyone who comes to the Party has to bring her 3 gifts to Represent her Personality.
Guest Star Jenifer Jockerman as Renee
61 19 "A Diary Tale" September 1, 2012 315 9.1
When Jessica Loses her most Important Diary in school she sets out to look for it but it seems that everyone she goes up to gave it to the next person and her Diary is passed around school so much and she doesnt want it to Land in the Wrong hands of Robin and Renee. meanwhile Jamal and Angel think that Chris and Brooke would make a Cute Couple.
Guest Star Jenifer Jockerman as Renee
62 20 "The Flirt Episode" September 22, 2012 316 8.94
Angel meets a Boy and she Flirts with him all day long and Robin also meets a boy who she flirts with and so does Brooke and Jamal and Chris Meets girls that they start flirting so jessica tries to find out why everyone in town are so Flirty.
63 21 "Agent Brooke" September 29, 2012 325 8.6
Brooke Finds out that her father has been taking by the FBI so she gets Jessica and Chris and Jamal all to dress up like Agents with her so she can go find out what happend with her father and get him back. meanwhile Angel and Robin host a Fashion show for little kids but the little girls seem to be Bad liitle devils who get Both Angel and Robin kicked out the fashion show.
64 22 "Jamal's Performance" October 13, 2012 319 9.2
Jamal has a Big dance Battle coming up and he wants everyone to be there at his Battle and he gets Jessica to tell everybody but she forgets and No one shows up to his Battle and he loses because he was looking forward to to seeing Jessica and Brooke and Chris and Angel but no one showed up so to Pay him Back Jessica and The Gang Host another Dance battle for Jamal were all his friends are there and he wins.
Absent: Vivian Migana as Robin
65 23 "Sweet-O-Day" October 20, 2012 322 9.5
Jessica and Brooke shop for 2 hours to get the perfect outfit for Jamal Sweet-O-Day Halloween Party were Everyone has to dress up Like candy so Jessica goes as a Reese-Cup and Brooke goes as a Star-burst and Chris goes as a Candy bar and Angel and Robin both as Pink and Blue Cotton candy while Jamal has on a mixture of Candy.
66 24 "Divorced Parents" November 10, 2012 324 9.3
Jessica and Angel Both fear That there Mother and Father will get a Divorce Because they have Been arguing a lot around the House so Jessica and Angel gets Brooke and Jamal and Chris all to help them Throw the Biggest and The best party for there Mother and Father so they can stay Together.
Absent: Vivian Migana as Robin
67-68 25-26 "Jessica's Island" December 1, 2012 317-318 10.2
When Jessica and Brooke and Angel and Jamal and Chris and Robin all take a Trip on a Plane and the Plane gets Lost on an Island and Jessica and the Gang are the only People on the Island and they don't have any cellphones or Maps or Nothing and Every starts to complain and Blame Jessica because the Trip was her Idea so Jessica decides to Try to Hook the Island Up by making a Mall out of Sticks and a School and everything and Everyone see's that the Island is ok Then a Group of Rescue People come and Save Them.
Note: This Episode Was Originally Going to Air on November 10, 2012 But It Was Pulled.
69 27 "Teengers Grow Up" December 8, 2012 321 9.5
Jessica and Angel mother and Father are tired of giving money  to blow on shopping and Stupid things so they make both of them grow up so they tell them that they have to try to get there own money just to prove to them that they can be responsible. Meanwhile Brooke and Jamal and Robin get the Chance to Interview a Famous Rock-star for the school paper.
Absent: Craig Kingsford as Chris
70 28 "Angel's Paper" December 29, 2012 326 9.8
Angel has a really Important English Paper due and she tries to Finish it Last Minute and she Thinks That she did good on the Paper but Jessica accidentally Takes Angels Paper on her Field trip with Brooke and Chris and Jamal so Angel gets Robin to help her Catch up with Jessica in Time so she can get her Paper Back.
71 29 "Get That Car" January 5, 2013 328 9.4
Jessica finally saves up enough money to buy the car of her dreams but someone els has put down a purchased on the car and Jessica really wants the Car so she gets Brooke and Jamal and Chris and Angel all to help her get more Money so she can get the Car.
Absent: Vivian Migana as Robin
72 30 "P.S.A Test" January 12, 2013 327 9.2
Jessica has to Take The P.S.A test if she wanst to get inot a Good College and she is stressing over it and she not being herself so Angel gets Brooke and Chris and Jamal and Robin all to try to help jessica by telling her not to worrie about the Test and they she should just have Fun but it Makes Jessica worrie More about the test and her Future.

Season 4: 2013-2014Edit

Episode # Season # Title Original air date Prod.Code U.K Viewers
73 1 "Last Year of Highschool Jessica" January 19, 2013 401 10.2
When Jessica and Brooke and Jamal and Chris all start there Finale Year of Highschool and Jessica is a Little Bit Nervous because she is not ready for the real world after High school but she tries to get good Grades in her Last year so she can get into a Great College. meanwhile Angel and Robin both find out that they Missed there Chance to get Rooms in there College Dorms and they have to wait another 6 Months until the semester ends to get another room for the College.
74 2 "Just Little Bit Shy" January 26, 2013 403 9.7
Chris and Jessica are chosen to do a scene in a play in school were they have to kiss in-front of everyone and they both start to get a little shy to be kissing in front of everyone in the whole school so Brooke and Jamal try to make them Fell Comfortable by telling everyone in the Crowd to just come in funny clothes so That Jessica and Chris can Laugh while there Trying to Kiss.
Absent: Catrina Rogers as Angel and Vivian Migana as Robin.
75 3 "Angel Love College" February 2, 2013 405 9.8
Angel is really having a Hard time with College she thought it was going to be easy like high school but she was wrong and Robin tries to help her Threw it but she cant do it alone so she resorts into going to Jessica for help and Jessica finds Angel and tries to help her with her Collegfe Trouble Meanwhile Brooke and Jamal try to get Chris to admit that he loves Jessica.
76 4 "Oh No What Happen" February 9, 2013 418 10.2
Jessica and Chris and Jamal and Brooke all have a Science Project that they worked on all night and they leave at Jessica's House and Angle Mistakenly takes the Project to her College Class for her and Robins Explosion Project and they Blow it up and Jessica and Jamal and Chris and Brooke all need to have that Project Due in Less then 22 Hours so they all Pull and all nighter and they work on the Project to rebuild it.
77 5 "Terrible Things" February 16, 2013 402 9.6
When Jessica and Brooke and Jamal and Chris all are called to the office because they Have been Caught Doing Terrible things Jessica was Caught Stealing Cheer-leading Pom Pom's and Brooke was Caught Laughing at The Janitor and Jamal and Chris were caught Trying to Steal test Scores so there Punishment is to clean the school bathrooms for 2 weeks.
Absent: Catrina Rogers as Angel and Vivian Migana as Robin.
78 6 "Pizza Parlor Protest" February 23, 2013 404 9.8
When Jessica and Brooke and Jamal and Angel and Chris and Robin Favorite pizza parlor gets Changed and gets Owned By a New Manager They don't Like because it was The Only Place were they Felt That Adults couldn't tell them what to do so Jessica decides to start a Protest to get the Old Manager back so everything can back to how it was.
79 7 "Sweet Smell of Revenge" March 2, 2013 406 9.1
Jamal Arch Enemy Brian from His Childhood comes around and he wants Revenge on Jamal but he acts all nice In front of Jamal and His Friends but Jessica and Chris and Brooke all see that Brian is Out to get Jamal Back and they try to warn Jamal.
Absent: Catrina Rogers as Angel and Vivian Migana as Robin.
80 8 "Piece of Cake" March 9, 2013 407 9.4
Angel's 19th Birthday is coming up and Jessica Plans The Perfect Birthday Bash for her and when its Time for the Party and Jamal and Chris and Brooke and Jessica and Angel all start to party and Have a good time and Angels is Looking around for Robin But she doesn't see her and Jessica realizes that she forgot to Invite Angels Best Friend Robin so Jessica Leaves the Party to go Get Robin.
81 9 "Spring Is Here Jessica" April 6, 2013 410 9.8
Its Spring Time and Everyone is On break From School and Jessica and Angel get there Parents to give them the Key to there House in the Mountains so They can Take Brooke and Jamal and Chris and Robin up there for spring Break but when they get up there strange things start to Happen around the house and they all get scared and try to get out but there cant.
82 10 "Touch The World" April 20, 2013 411 9.6
Jamal writes a poem That is really sweet and Touching and Jessica and Brooke both decide to put his Poem up all over town so everyone can read it. meanwhile Chris helps Angel and Robin out with a Little Problem that there Having with the College Girls on the Cheer-leading Squad so he helps form there own Cheer leading Team at there college.
83 11 "You Don't Know I Know" May 4, 2013 415 10.2
When Jessica's Family seems to be Keeping a secret From her and she wants to Find out what it is and Angel already Knows what the Secret is and Jessica vows to find out what it is. Meanwhile Brooke and Jamal and Chris all try to Show the New Girl Sierra around the School and she her how to Fit in with the In crowd and not become geek.
Absent: Vivian Migana as Robin.
84 12 "Jessica Needs A Prom Date" May 11, 2013 409 10.4
When Jamal and Brooke and Chris all Have dates to The prom But Jessica doesn't Have a date yet so Angel and Robin decide to help her out by Holding some Date auditions at there College to Find Jessica the Perfect Guy to Take to Prom so that she wont feel left out because her friends have dates and she doesn't.
85 13 "Lose That Pet" May 25, 2013 408 9.7
When Jessica and Angel get a New Pet From There Grandmother and They Let Jamal and Chris Look after it but they Lose it and they try to go to The Pet store and Replace it before Jessica and Angel find out. Meanwhile Brooke and Robin fight over a New Dress that just hit the Stores.
86 14 "Cried Wolf" June 1, 2013 412 9.5
When Chris Pulls a Prank on Jessica and Brooke and Jamal and Angel and Robin saying That he saw a Wolf But he really didn't and he gets them 3 times with the Joke and then He actually see's a real wolf that starts To Chase him and Jessica and Brooke and Jamal and Angel and Robin don't Believe Him about the Wolf Because has Has Lied about it so Many Times.
87 15 "Amusement Park Chaos" June 8, 2013 413 9.3
Jessica and Jamal and Chris and Angel and Robin all go to The Town Amusement Park and Out of No were Jessica and Jamal are Hired To Work at The Amusement Park and Owner just leaves and its Up to Jessica and Jamal to make sure That Every Has a great Time But The Park Turns Into a Big Chaos with Kids running all around and Jessica and Jamal try there best to get it Under Control.
Absent: Christy Zinterwood as Brooke
Note: This Is a Backdoor Pilot For a Potential series
88 16 "A Little Nightmare Music" June 15, 2013 416 9.6
Jessica Finds out That Brooke and Jamal and Chris all make up a Song and she gets mad Because was Not apart of it but when she Listens to the song she cant get it out of her head and she starts to Have Nightmares about the song. meanwhile Angel and Robin try to See Who The New Vice President Will be So They can Become her Friend so she wont Make them Do work around The Campus.
89 17 "Bye Bye Chris" June 22, 2013 417 9.8
When Chris Gets Accepted To a Really Awesome School and Considers Leaving Even Though Him and Jessica and Brooke and Jamal all Agreed That they Would Graduate From The Same High School Together and Chris Doesn't really Know what he is Going to Do and Brooke and Jamal Think that If Jessica tells Chris To Stay Then he Will But Jessica Doesn't want to Ruin his Chances to a Great School but after thinking about ti Chris Decides to Stay.
Absent: Catrina Rogers as Angel and Vivian Migana as Robin.
90 18 "High School Dilemma" July 6, 2013 419 9.5
Jessica and Chris and Brooke all Find out That Jamal has been Failing all his Classes and that he might graduate with them so they all Join forces to help Jamal get Better Grades so they can graduate together like they Planned to do when they were freshman.
Absent: Catrina Rogers as Angel and Vivian Migana as Robin.
91 19 "Where Is It Written?" July 20, 2013 421 9.3
Jessica and Angel Grandpa Dies and and His Brand New Car is Left and They Fight over which One of Them will get The Car. Meanwhile Brooke and Jamal and Chris all try to get out of doing there Math Homework By Putting there Teacher on a date with His Dream girl.
Absent: Vivian Migana as Robin.
92 20 "Voice of Jessica" August 3, 2013 424 10.2
Jessica is in Charge of the Being The Announcer at the School Football Game when there school plays There Rival team Riker High and when the Football Game come son The Crowd starts Hearing Jessica's Voice but she is Trying to get the Other Team to Win and Brooke and Jamal and Chris all think that Something is Wrong so they go to The Announcer Booth and they Find another Girl From Riker High But she Has Jessica Voice so they Set out to Find Jessica. Meanwhile Angel and Robin Try to Get Rid of There New Professor who Gives way to much Work to them.
93 21 "Jamal's Date With Kate" August 10, 2013 420 9.5
When Jamal goes on a date with A Brand New Girl In School Named Kate and she is The Meanest girl That anyone Has ever seen and Jamal is Scared to break up with her so Jessica and Brook and Chris all decide to Him Get rid of Kate.
Absent: Catrina Rogers as Angel and Vivian Migana as Robin.
94 22 "The Millionaire Sister" August 31, 2013 422 9.4
Jessica Finds out That There Great Aunt Sharlene Had left some Money to Angel and it makes Angel a Millionaire and Jessica is so happy and she tells Angel and Jessica and Robin and Brooke and Jamal and Chris all go Shopping and Spending Money but They Find out That Angel was Not really Suppose to Spend The Money Until she was 25 so they all Have to take Back everything that they Bought.
95 23 "Second Time Around" September 7, 2013 425 9.8
Jessica and Angel Both Plan another wedding for There Parents to Try to Keep the spark going Between the two of Them and They end up Planning The wedding That they want Not what there Parents wanted. meanwhile Robin Tries to Make Outfits for Brooke and Jamal and Chris for The wedding.
96 24 "New Arrivals" October 19, 2013 423 10.1
There are some New Students in The School 2 Girls Named Jamie and Brittany and 2 Guys named Cash and James and They all try to take over Jessica and Brooke and Chris and Jamal Spot in The School and Jessica and The gang Will not Be Pushed out of The way without a fight with the New Arrivals Students who are trying to Take there Places.
Absent: Catrina Rogers as Angel and Vivian Migana as Robin.
97 25 "Jamal Why So Tall" November 23, 2013 427 9.6
Jamal Thinks That he is Getting Taller and Taller everyday and he Fears That eh wont be able to Walk in school anymore and he Has a dream That he was Tall Giant and Jessica and Brooke and Chris all didn't want to Hang out with Him anymore and he wakes up and tries to shrink himself But Jessica and The Gang tell Him That its Good That he is Getting Tall Because maybe he can Play for Famous basketball people.
Absent: Catrina Rogers as Angel and Vivian Migana as Robin.
98 26 "The Xmas Challenge" December 14, 2013 426 10.7
When Jessica and Angel Challenge each other to see who can get there Parents The Best Christmas Gift This Year because there Parents are giving The Winner a Free Trip to Spain. meanwhile Brooke and Robin and Jamal and Chris all decide to Help out a Homeless Family For Christmas Buy Buying Them Gifts and Getting Them some Christmas Food.
99 27 "Jessica Vs Brooke Judgement Day" January 11, 2014 425 13.9[5]
Jessica and Brooke Both Compete in the School Fashion Show and They have Make some Dresses together But They Don't Have The Same Taste and It Leads to an Argument with them and They decide to Go there Separate ways on The Fashion show to see who will come out  On top and Jessica gets Chris to help her Win and Brooke gets Jamal to help her Win. Meanwhile Angel and Robin Try to Open Up a Little Jewelry Store in Town so They can make some Extra Money.
100 28 "I Heart Jessica" February 8, 2014 428 13.5[6]
Jessica comes up with a Magic Potion on Valentines day that makes all The Guys Fall for her Even Both Chris and Jamal so Brooke and Angel Both get Jealous when There are Guys all Over the Town fallen for Jessica and Asking her to be there Valentines day date so They Decide to Make up a Potion of There Own But its Doesn't Work for Them Like it Does for Jessica.
Absent: Vivian Migana as Robin.
Note: This is The 100th Episode of The series.

Season 5: 2014-2015Edit

Episode # Season # Title Original air date Prod.Code U.K Viewers
101-102 1-2 "Jessica Were Are You??" March 29, 2014 501-502 11.3
When Jessica Overhears Her Friends Talking about her behind her Back she thinks that they are not friends anymore so she has been avoiding them and she starts hanging out with New Friends and When Brooke and Jamal and Chris Finally get to Find Jessica she Tells Them That she doesn't want to be There Friend anymore because she heard what they said but The Gang tells Her That they only said that because they knew she was listening and they didn't want her to Find out about the Surprise Party that there Throwing her and Jessica Then feels Happy and she tries to go back with Her Old Friends But her New friends Tammy and Blake and Aaron are Not Letting Jessica out there Group That Easy. Meanwhile Angel Decides that Cooking is Her Passion and she Signs up for a Food Cook network show to Compete to see who Cook a Cupcake Tower for a Little Girls Party.
103 3 "Burst Out The Laughs" April 5, 2014 505 11.7
The School Has a Big Senior Day of Fun and They want everyone to bring Something to The Fun Day so Jessica gets Angel to make some Cupcakes for The Senior Day But Angel Drops some Laugh gas in The Cupcake Mix and when Jessica brings The Cupcakes to The Senior day and Everyone Eats Them and They cant stop Laughing and Jamal almost Laughs so hard at The Principal That he almost gets Expelled so Jessica and Brooke and Chris try to get The Un Laugh gas From Jessica House to Fix Everyone.
104 4 "Not Really My Boyfriend" April 19, 2014 503 11.4
Jessica Rival Nadine Flaunts it in Jessica face That she has a boyfriend and Jessica doesn't so Jessica gets some Guy Named carols to pretend to be her Boyfriend so she can beat Nadine at her Own game and Chris Kinda Gets Jealous of Jessica and Carlos. meanwhile Brooke and Jamal help Angel Sell some Wedding Cake idea That she made to some people who are getting married.
Guest Star(s): Brittany Jones as Nadine and Adam Newman as Carlos
105 5 "Eww That Shirt Was So Last Week" April 26, 2014 504 10.7
After she is Running Late to School Jessica doesn't really Have time to Plan out Her Outfit for the day and she wears a shirt That is Not in style and Brooke tells Jessica That her shirt is The Shirt That she Had on on Friday Last week and it Monday and Jessica get Embarrassed and she Tries to Go Found a New Shirt in The Lost and Found. meanwhile Jamal and Chris Think That can Challenge Angel with a Cook off.
106 6 "Is That Who I Think it is" May 3, 2014 506 10.9
Jessica Thinks That she see's Renee and she freaks out but Brooke and Jamal and Chris all tell her That Renee is Not Back and Jessica is Ok Now But while at Home Jessica see's Renee Again and its Real Renee says she is back to get rid of Jessica But Angel Bust in The Room and Helps Jessica and Renee Gets Taken away and Brooke and Jamal and Chris tell Jessica That There Sorry That They Believe Her about Renee.
Guest Star(s): Jenifer Jockerman as Renee
107 7 "Jessica I Miss You" May 10, 2014 507 11.1
Angel really Misses spending Time with her sister Jessica and she Tells Jessica and Jessica feels really bad so she decides to Just Hangout with Angel for The Day Like they Used to but Brooke and Jamal and Chris all start to Hangout with them and Angel Feels That Jessica Likes her Friends better Then her and Jessica tells her friends whats going on and They decides to leave them alone so they can have some Sister Time.
108 8 "Come Kiss With Me" May 24, 2014 508 9.7
When a Guy named Stone Comes town and starts Working at The mall Jessica and Angel and Brooke all fall for Him and They make a bet to see which one of Them will get a Kiss from Stone First. meanwhile Jamal and Chris Try to Improve The Class rate of Guys who in Involved in Book Club Just so they can get in the School Year book for making a change with Nerds and Popular Kids.
109 9 "The Great Balance Book" June 14, 2014 509 9.9
Jessica gets a Job and she Has School and Hanging out with her Friends and now she Has so Much on her Plate so Angel Decides to give Her a Balance Book so she Can have some Time for Work and Her Friends and School all in the Same Time and Jessica Loves the Book and It Actually works.
110 10 "A Little Cooler" June 21, 2014 510 10.2
Jessica and Angel and Brooke and Jamal and Chris are all really over The heat and The Hot Weather in Miami and They decides to To Put some Old Air Vents Together as 1 to Make a Big Air Vent in Jessica's Yard and It Works and It gets Them a Little Cooler and Pretty soon Half The Street wants some of The Cool air and Jessica and The gang freak out because They try to Stay cool But They Know with all Those People coming its Gonna get hot again.
111 11 "Jessica Can Dance" June 28, 2014 511 9.8
After Brooke Lies to a new Girl Named Kelly telling her That her and Jessica are The Best dancers in School Kelly Makes them eat there words as she Challenges them to dance off and Jessica and Brooke freak out so they Take some dance Lessons online and try to Learn some Moves so they can beat her. meanwhile Angel Host a Pie eating Contest with Jamal and Chris to see who can eat The two Pies The fastest out of Both of Them.
112 12 "Out With Angel" July 5, 2014 512 10.2
Angel gets Jessica and Brooke to Go out With her and Spend The Entire day with her and Jessica and Brooke start to get Bored on all The Things That Angel has Them doing and Angel realizes it so she decides to set them up for a Bungy jumping Game so she wont seem boring and Jessica and Brooke freak out. Meanwhile Chris and Jamal Think That The new Taco Truck may be Haunted so they try to heck it out with some Cool gadgets.
Note: This episode Aired on Christy Zinterwood 20th Birthday
113 13 "Jessica's The Champ" July 12, 2014 513 10.1
Jessica and Jamal Participate in a Track Game to see if Boys are faster Then Girls when it comes to Running and Jessica trains for The Race really Hard and Brooke and Angel are on Jessica's Side while Chris has Jamal's Back so when The Race comes up Jessica Wins and Jamal Realizes That girls Can be Faster at Anything That Guys can.
114 14 "Call 1-800-Senior Play" July 19, 2014 514 10.4
Jessica is in Charge of The Finale Senior Play in the School and she Has No idea's of what she is going to make The Play about so she decides to Think back on all The Fun and Craziness her and Her friends has Had in the The School so she decides to write The Play based off That and everyone loves it.
Absent: Catrina Rogersas Angel
115 15 "Just For Jessica" August 4, 2014 516 10.7
When a new Rich Guy named Lance Lerging Comes to Town he falls for Jessica and he Buys her whatever she wants and He Takes her all around Miami in His Limo and He Throws her a Fancy Party on The beach and Jessica is really happy and she Invites her friends and her sister But lance Only Made The party For Jessica and Fancy people and Brooke and Jamal and Chris and Angel all get upset and Jessica Finds out and she Dumps Lance because she whether Hang with her Friends and Sister anytime.
Guest Star(s): Xavier Blake as Lance Lerging
Note: This is Apart of Silly Tone Jessica Week.
116 16 "Great Chance" August 5, 2014 518 10.9
Jessica and Chris Think That Brooke and Jamal Would be Perfect if They were a Couple because They a;ways make each Other Laugh so Jessica and Chris Plot to get Jamal and Brooke to Go out on a date and They Just do Just to shut Jessica and Chris up and They Find out That There Not really Good dating They rather be Friends.
Absent: Catrina Rogers as Angel
Note: This is Apart of Silly Tone Jessica Week.
117 17 "Angel's on TV" August 6, 2014 517 9.0
Angel Wins a Special Cooking Contest and she Gets The Chance to Cook with The Top Chef's in Miami and Jessica and Jamal and Chris and Brooke all Go to Support her and Angel is Really having Fun until Jealous Chef Tries to Make Angel Nervous to be in front of a ll Those people and Angel starts to get a Little Nervous But Jessica talks her into Doing it and Angel does.
Note: This is Apart of Silly Tone Jessica Week.
118 18 "The Return on Robin" August 7, 2014 520 11.1
Angel Finds Out That Robin is in Town and They meet Up and Robin has Changed she is a Super Nice Country Girl Now and Angel is Not Use to That and Jessica and Brooke and Jamal and Chris Love The New Robin because she is So Nice although Angel Likes the Nice Robin she Rather Have her Mean Friend Back so she tries to get Robin back into Her Old Side.
Guest Star(s): Vivian Migana as Robin
Note: This is Apart of Silly Tone Jessica Week.
119 19 "Next Stop Tour Bus" August 8, 2014 515 10.3
Brooke Father gets Her The Chance to Hangout on a Tour Bus with a Real Famous Rock star and she Invites Jessica and Jamal and and Chris on The Bus and The Rock Star Wants Them to be in The Band and he Tries to Keep Tem on The Tour Bus Forever and The Gang tries to Escape The Bus.
Absent: Catrina Rogers as Angel
Note: This is Apart of Silly Tone Jessica Week.
120 20 "Out of That Loop" August 9, 2014 519 10.9
Jessica and Brooke and Jamal and Chris and Angel All Find a Bag full of Millions of Dollars and They try to split The Money But Jamal and Angel Think That Brooke should be Cut out The Loop because she is Already Rich and Jessica and Chris thinks eh should stay Getting a Half of The Money But with all there Arguing The Police get The Money because its Stolen.
Note This Episode Aired on Sabrina Lawrence 20th Birthday
Note: This is Apart of Silly Tone Jessica Week.
121 21 "Rule My Intentions" September 6, 2014 521 10.4
There is a Guy Named Lucas and he wants to ask out Jessica and Chris gets Jealous so he tries to Act Like he is Helping Lucas so he tells Lucas all The Things Jessica hates and he Makes him Think she Loves them so Lucas Couldn't Have a Chance with Jessica. meanwhile Jessica and Jamal try to Lock Brooke and Angel in The Kitchen so They can put There Recipe together to make a tasty Snack for The School Lunch Room.
122 22 "Lime Light With Me" September 13, 2014 522 10.5
Jessica Finds out That she is Going to be on TV The Same Time Angel is Going to be on TV and everyone is Looking forward to seeing Jessica on TV and Jessica doesn't want Angel to feel bad so Jessica wants Her TV Appearance to be all about her and Angel and Brooke and Jamal and Chris all help her Make sure it happens.
123 23 "The Sister and Sister Joke" September 27, 2014 523 10.8
Jessica and Angel Decides to play a trick on Brooke and Jamal and Chris a Little Game They Used to Play when They were Kids They would Pretend To Hate each Other and One Hides in The woods and They would tell people That The Other one is lost and Brooke and Jamal and Chris all freak out But Jessica and Angel both start laughing Because They Played a joke on Them.
124 24 "Tricks & Devils" October 4, 2014 525 11.9
Brooke and Jamal and Chris Think They are Going To a Halloween Party Hosted at Jessica House but When They Get There No One is There But Jessica and Angle who seem to be in red and Tries to make Them Drink a Potion to Turn Them Evil and The Gang Fights For There Freedom and Jessica and Angel Tell Them it was all as a Halloween Short Film all The Craziness.
125 25 "Chris Love Poem" October 18, 2014 526 10.7
Jessica Finds a Love Poem With Chris Name on It and He describes a Girl he is in Loe with and Jessica Thinks That its Brooke so she gets Jamal to help her set Brooke and Chris up and she Finds out That The Love Poem is really about her and she Finds Out That Chris is In Love with her and she Doesn't know what to Do about That.
Absent: Catrina Rogers as Angel
126 26 "Jessica & Chris Big Date" November 15, 2014 527 10.9
Now That The Secret is out that Chris is in Love with Jessica Chris Decides to Face his Fears and Just Ask out Jessica on a date and she Says Yes to The Date and Chris Gets a Limo and a Followers and Lights He Goes all Out for This date and When Jessica see's Chris she Starts to get Feelings for Him even more and she Thinks He Could Be her Next Boyfriend. meanwhile Angel and Brooke try to Trick Jamal into Asking out The Daughter of a Cook in School so That Angel can Become one of The Cooks for The School.
127 27 "Jessica's Christmas List" December 6, 2014 528 12.8
Its Jessica's Year to be Spoiled on Christmas so she Writes Down a Christmas List of everything That she wants and she Rips it up into Pieces and she gets Her friends to Pick something off The List they are Going to Buy for Her and Jamal Tries to trade with Brooke because Brooke gets something That it Not to Pricey But Jamal gets one That is and Chris gets Angel to help Him get Jessica The Christmas Gift of a Life Time so she will Love it.
128-129 29-30 "Don't Forget Us JESSICA" January 3, 2015[7] 529-530 14.8[8]
It's Graduation Day and Jessica and Brooke and Chris and Jamal are all a Little Nervous to be Leaving High School and Stepping into The Big World But They all are Happy That They will be attending The Same College Miami University But When Angel Gives Jessica a Letter from another school UCLA which Happens to be her Dream School and she Finds out That she Got in and she doesn't know how to Tell her friends The News so at The Graduation as everyone gets There Names Being Called as They walk across The Stage Jessica Decides to tell Her friends The News when everyone Throws There Hats in the air and Brooke and Jamal and Chris are Shocked and Chris Thinks That Him and Jessica wont Make it Long Distance and They End Things and and as everyone Packs For College and Brooke and Jamal and Chris all write Jessica a Letter on There Goodbye to her and Angel gets Jessica ready to Get on The Plane to California were she will attend College with her and Jessica cry's as she Says Goodbye to her Friends and start The Next Chapter of Her Life in UCLA.
Song Featured: "Best Thing Always"
Note: This is The Series Finale of The Show.
Note: This episode Aired on Craig Kingsford 22 Birthday