The following is a list of episodes of the Furty Channel sitcom, Dance Dance. The series is expected to air October 6, 2011 . Dance Dance stars to best friends Gina Michelson Fionna Streamer and Marcia Woods Charlotte Spencer who have jobs dancing on the tv show Good New York which is a show that no one watches so the girls get the chance to take it over and they rename it to Dancing in the morning and they get trained dancers from all over the world and then they make the show a huge success.

Series overview Edit

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.K. Dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 13 October 6, 2011 December 29, 2011
2 25 January 5, 2012 June 7, 2012
3 35 June 14, 2012 March 21, 2013
4 30 April 18, 2013  April 3, 2014
5 28 June 12, 2014 June 11, 2015[1]

Season 1: 2011 Edit

Episode # Season # Episode title Original air date Prod.code U.K. viewers
11 "Dance Show" October 6, 20111017.2
Gina Fionna Streamer and Marcia Charlotte Spencer win a contest to dance on a morning show that no one watches so they have a good idea to rename the show and get dancers from all around the world to dance. Meanwhile Zulia Paige Gambian and Megan Celia Jungle try to ruin Gina and Marcia chances of making the show a good success because they didn't get picked. And Brad Omar Lesser and Jeffrey Paul Geom try to Get the attention of many girls that are in the dance show with Gina and Marcia.
Song(s) featured: "Go Head" and "Start The Moon"
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle Megan
22 "Dancing for Charity" October 13, 20111096.4
When Gina and Marcia Try to hide the fact that they Miss counted everyone's Paycheck and can't afford to pay them Charity Finds out and she Uses it against the two girls she wants them to dance for her Beauty Party or she will Tell everyone there Secret so they agree. Meanwhile Zulia hires Jeffrey and Brad to make an Ice painting of her for Charity's Beauty Party.
Guest Star: Lucy Hunter as Charity
33 "Sharping Your Dance Skills" October 21, 20111025.7
Gina and Marci and Zulia and Megan go head to Head to see who is the best dancer so they can win a prize 500 Dollars. Meanwhile Jeffrey and Brad Are Picked to wrestle Vampires at the school's wrestling match.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle Megan
44 "Dance for Halloween" October 28, 20111036.3
Gina and Marcia Host a Dance Contest to raise Money to Build a Hunted house for Marcia Halloween Party. Meanwhile Brad Attempts to ask Zulia out but Jeffrey bets Him to it ask her out first Causing Tension between the two.
55 "T.H.A.N.K.S" November 3, 20111047.4
After Gina Finds a Homeless Little girl with her family and nothing to Eat on Thanksgiving she convinces Marcia to Host a Charity Event called T.H.A.N.K.S to help the little girl and her family out.
66 "Gina & Marcia" November 17, 20111057.9
Gina and Marcia have a fight About a Dance Move and they decide to Stop Being Friends and to Give the Show to Megan and Zulia to Host.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle Megan
77 "Semester Dance" November 24, 20111088.9
Gina and Marcia decide to Have a Little Dance contest while there on there Semester Break from school. Meanwhile Brad's Parents Return to Take him Back to Paris with them.
88 "Its Starting to Look Like Zulia" December 1, 20111108.5
Gina and Marcia Welcome a New dancer who happens to Look a Lt Like Zulia but she is way Nicer and they start to think that Zulia and Brittany are Never in the Same room Together and Think that maybe Zulia is Playing a Joke on them until Zulia and Brittany have a Face to Face fight.
Note: Brittany (portrayed by Paige Gambian in a dual role).
99 "Marcia And the Football Player" December 8, 20111117.6
Marcia Has a Big Crush on The School's Number one Football Player, Frank but Frank Doesn't pay any attention to her. Meanwhile, Gina's Birthday is coming up, and Jeffrey and Brad want to Plan her a surprise Party.

Absent: Paige Gambian as Zulia

1010 "Cant Bye my Love" December 15, 20111126.9
Marcia Starts Dating a new guy named John, After he Buys Her everything she ask for Then He ends up breaking her heart. Meanwhile Gina and Brad go fishing with Jeffrey's Family.

Absent: Paige Gambian as Zulia.

1111 "Were Mermaids" December 24, 20111137.0
Gina and Marcia Think that there turning into Mermaids After Zulia and Megan tries to Convince that they are.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle Megan
12-1312-13 "Christmas With Michelson" December 29, 2011106-10711.0
When Everyone's Lights go out Gina's and her family Apartment is the only one that has heat so mostly the whole town comes to there house and they have a Christmas Dinner but things turn Bad when everyone Has to Spend the Night and its not Enough room for everyone specially after Zulia got rid of all the Blankets to make room for her dog.

Season 2: 2012Edit

Episode # Season # Episode title Original air date Prod.code U.K. viewers
14-15 1-2 "Dancing On Ice" January 5, 2012 203-204 8.9
Gina gets her and Marcia in a little trouble when She doesn't Pay attention to What she sign them up for they have to ice skate and Dance at the same time so they try to call Brad and Jeffrey to get them out but they caint Then they notice that Zulia's dad is the Manger and they ask her to get them out and she wont and they have to Dance on Ice.
16 3 "Princes Zulia" January 12, 2012 206 9.3
On Zulia's Birthday she gives the school a contract from her father that she has to be treated like a Princess all day and when Gina and Marcia don't Follow her rules she has them thrown in detention which makes them almost miss the show. Meanwhile Brad and Jeffrey try to Meagan to be the lead in there play of Goldie Locks.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle Megan
17 4 "The Ex Returns" January 19, 2012 205 10.3
When Zulia's Ex Boyfriend returns he sets his eyes on Marcia which could lead in a Smack Down between the two girls.
18 5 "Cheer Fabulous" January 26, 2012 212 8.7
Gina and Marcia want to try out for the cheer leading team but they no its gonna be a problem when Zulia and Megan are trying out to so they work there hardest to Beat them and when Zulia sees that her and Megan might lose she calls up her dad an has him tell the captain of the cheer leading squad to pick then or els they will get kicked out of school.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle Megan
19 6 "Time Run's Out" Febraury 2, 2012 214 9.0
When Zulia who is Arch Enemies with Gina so Brad and Jeffrey Gets an Idea about the two girls have a race and see who is the richest and which one of the girls daddy is more Powerful. Meanwhile Marcia and Megan try to sabotage each other best friend but its not going so well when they both dont understand what sabotages really is.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle Megan
20 7 "The Disco Dance Act" February 9, 2012 216 8.2
Gina and Marcia Organize a Disco Night for "Good New York" and they have made it so that Famous Dancers the Piggery's come and Dance but they all get Food Poisoning thanks to Jeffrey and Brad Leaving Spoiled Pizza around the Studio so Gina and Marcia have to Try to come up a Dance step to Fill there Place.

Absent: Paige Gambian as Zulia

21 8 "There No Zulia In Dance" February 16, 2012 201 9.0
Gina and Marcia are put in a Dance Group with Zulia for a Team work Dance But Zulia wants to lead Them instead of Being with Them as a Group. Meanwhile Jeffrey and Brad try to Make Sure that Megan doesn't get Paired up With Them for a Solar Project.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle Megan
22 9 "Boys Band Dance" February 23, 2012 202 9.2
When "Good New York" is Looking for a new Band to play on the Show every day after the old band Gets Fired Jeffrey and Brad start a Band so they can Get on the Show. Meanwhile Marcia and Gina get Stuck in Crown City trying to Go to a Party.
Absent: Paige Gambian as Zulia
Song(s) featured: "Party Tonight"
23 10 "Gina Without Marcia Part 1" March 1, 2012 207 9.5
When a New Dancer Adam Comes to "Good New York" Gina and Marcia Both Fall for Him but they Both agree not to ask him out but Marcia ask him anyway and he becomes her Boyfriend and Gina gets Jealous and The two Stops Being Friends. Meanwhile Zulia tries to Get Brad and Jeffrey to Join Her and Megan in Dancing in the Spot Light when Gina and Marcia are Fighting.

Guest star: Jerry Juggars as Adam
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle Megan

24 11 "Gina Without Marcia Part 2" March 8, 2012 208 8.7
Gina and Marcia Decide to Dance together anymore and start there Own dance Groups. meanwhile Marcia Catches Adam Kissing Zulia and She Breaks up with Him and apologizes to Gina and they become Friends Again.

Guest star: Jerry Juggars as Adam

Song(s) featured: "Boom Boom Boom"

25 12 "Air Tight" March 15, 2012 209 8.9
Gina Gets Her and Marcia The New Air Dance Boots But the Dance in them To Many Times and Get themselves Stuck in the Air right Before the show.
26 13 "Sumo Dance" March 22, 2012 210 8.7
Brad is Picked to wrestle Vinny the Sumo Dancing Champion. meanwhile Gina and Marcia try to Keep Jeffery from Falling under Zulia's Love spell and do what ever she wants him to do.

Guest star: Fredrick Gypper as Vinny

27 14 "Become Them" March 29, 2012 211 8.5
With their love of fashion, Gina and Marcia try to get on the cover of Up magazine, a fashion magazine based on Meanest, which Zulia and Megan seem to have everyday. So the girls are torn between getting on the magazine or changing into the new Zulia and Megan.

Absent: Paul Geom as Jeffrey and Omar Lesser as Brad
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle Megan

28 15 "Country Dancer's" April 5, 2012 213 9.7
Gina and and Marcia and Jeffrey and Brad travel to the country and try to help Zulia out when her parents send her to a country anger center.

Song(s) featured: "Get it out"

29 16 "Modelize Me" April 12, 2012 223 9.1
Gina and Marcia and Zulia all get a chance to become models for Up magazine were they will be Modeling with Top Super Star Frankie. meanwhile Brad and Jeffrey are Left try tong to Host the "Good New York" and Dance on it also.
30 17 "Camping In The Dance Studio" April 19, 2012 215 8.3
When Gina and Marcia get the chance to host a Dance Studio at Marcia's House Marshall tells the girls that they can take the day off but think something is up when they see Brad take some decorations to Marshall, so they follow him and spoil the surprise for themselves on their 16th birthday, but Jeffrey tells them to keep it a secret and act surprised.

Absent: Paige Gambian as Zulia

Note: This is the first time They Show Marcia's House.

31-32 18-19 "Captain Kelsey" April 26, 2012 217-218 10.2
When Kelsey Rain comes to New York for a chance to be on "Good New York" and she shows her moves to Marcia and Gina but they think it was terrible so they teach her day and night so she can guest star on "Good New York". Meanwhile Zulia tries out for a very famous tv show were she will be a Stylist. and Brad and Jeffrey get Trapped in a Snow Mountain with Megan and Parents when they go on a vacation with them.

Guest Star: Kelly Wallace as Kelsey Rain

33 20 "Hang It Up" May 3, 2012 219 8.8
When Gina and Marcia have a fight and stop being friends. Gina and Marcia decide to stop dancing because of there friendship. Meanwhile Zulia and Megan are forced to go on a double date Jeffrey and Brad.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle Megan
34 21 "Dance off" May 10, 2012 220 8.1
Gina and Marcia have a dance off with some people of "Good New York" and if Gina and Marcia loose they'll have to quit the show. Meanwhile Brad and Jeffrey join a an all girl camp so they Can Meet Girls.

Absent: Paige Gambian as Zulia

35 22 "Scare" May 17, 22012 221 8.7
When Jeffrey, and Brad, and Zulia find out about Gina and Marcia fear of ghosts, they make a ghost of their own. Meanwhile Gina and Marcia try to avoid them from seeing them.
36 23 "I Understand" May 24, 2012 222 8.4
Marcia and Gina plan their new dance for the New Year's Dance for the kick off and when Zulia and Meagan challenge them they take it to the next level.

Absent: Paul Geom as Jeffrey and Omar Lesser as Brad
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle Megan

37 24 "Dance Confess" May 31, 2012 224 9.5
Marshall interviews every Dancer and background dancer of "Good New York" to see what are their deepest fears, and when he finds out he puts them to "good use". Meanwhile Zulia tries to get Jeffrey help her hide her secret from Marshall.

Absent: Omar Lesser as Brad

38 25 "Megan Joins" June 7, 2012 225 9.3
Megan wants to join "Good New York" with Gina and Marcia, but Jeffrey and Brad don't want her to join because she caint dance like they Can.

Absent: Paige Gambian as Zulia
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle Megan

Season 3: 2012-2013Edit

Episode # Season # Episode title Original air date Prod.code U.K. viewers
39 1 "Spring Break Dance" June 14, 2012 301 9.0
On there Spring Break Dance Marcia and Gina fight over a boy Named Ted and each of them quits "Good New York" so they cant be reminded of themselves and their friendship. Meanwhile Zulia and Megan Join a Karate class after Zulia gets her Money Token by 12th graders. and Brad and Jeffrey try to Rap to impress some girls.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle Megan
40-41 2-3 "Do The Red Head Dance" June 21, 2012 302-303 12.6
Gina and Marcia find out that in the next episode of "Good New York" they'll dance with The Red Heads. Unfortunately, Gina hates Them. so Marcia tries to make Gina like Them or their chance of dancing with Them will be ruined. Meanwhile, Zulia and Jeffrey accidentally make Brad injured and they're forced to take care of him.

Guest Star: Red Heads.

42 4 "Family Reunion" June 28, 2012 304 8.7
Marcia's cousins come over and plan to break Gina and Marcia apart. and Gina finds out and tries to explain it to Marcia but she wont believe her so she gets Jeffrey and they try to get proof to show Marcia. Meanwhile Brad goes on his first date with Zulia.
43 5 "Bad Assistance" July 5, 2012 305 9.3
Gina and Marcia hire a assistant to help them with there Dancing and there school work but they have come to realize that she just wants there money and she is not helping them at all. Meanwhile Zulia and Jeffrey and Brad and Megan all compete to get the Final spotlight dance on "Good New York".
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle Megan
44 6 "Hold A Marathon" July 12, 2012 306 9.1
Gina and Marcia organize a marathon for a Big charity Event, but things turn awry when Zulia and Megan steal all the credit. Meanwhile, Jeffrey asks Brad to resume babysitting His little brother so he can go to the movies with amber.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle Megan
45 7 "Cheese Fountain" July 19, 2012 307 9.4
"Good New York" was nominated for America's best programs on TV.and it win because of teenage dancers Marcia and Gina. So the girls get a huge price: The world's largest chocolate-Fantan. Zulia and Megan both were so jealous that they tinkered with Fantan and add melted cheese in it. When Brad and Jeffrey go to Let the choclate out on the girls Brad smells something diffrent and He pushes Jeffrey and they Knock the Cheese all over Zulia and Megan.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle Megan
46 8 "Cancel The Show (Part 1)" July 26, 2012 308 9.0
After "Good New York" is canceled, Gina, and Marcia, and Jeffrey, and Brad all try to save the show by hosting a telethon, which doesn't work, so they try a bake sale, which doesn't work. The show airs it's final episode. Meanwhile, Zulia and Megan try to get people to tune in and watch there Fashion Show after "Good New York: Is Gone.
Note: This is a Part 1 of a 2 part episode.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle Megan
47 9 "Save The Dance Floor (Part 2)" August 2, 2012 309 9.2
Gina and Marcia try there best to save the show and when they finally do they make sure that nothing ever happens to it again. meanwhile Zulia and Megan use Jeffrey and Brad to help them clean out there closet so they can fit more shoes in them.
Note: This is a Part 2 of a 2 part episode.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle Megan
48 10 "Marcia Dates Brad" August 9, 2012 310 8.8
When Gina wont go out with Brad he ask marcia out who says yes and they go on a date and they have fun and they start dating and Gina gets Jealous so she pretends to go out with Jeffrey so she can see what Brad and Marcia do on there dates and they Catch her and Marcia decides to Brake up with brad so she wont Mess up her friendship with Gina.
/>Absent: Paige Gambian as Zulia
49 11 "Wheel of Dancer's" August 16, 2012 312 9.8
Gina and Marcia and Brad and Jeffrey come up with a new game to make the show more better but Zulia and Meagan try to stop them because they get Jealous because they didn't come up the idea first.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle Megan
50 12 "Train Megan" August 23, 2012 320 9.3
Marshall Thinks That Megan should Dance with Gina and Marcia on the Big Dance Opening but the she doesn't Know how to dance that good so Gina and Marcia stay up with her to Train her in the Dance. meanwhile Jeffrey and Brad Want Zulia To pretend that She is One of there Best friends so they can get in the Cool Club for Free.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle Megan
51 13 "Back to School Dancing" August 30, 2012 311 9.5
When Gina and Marcia and Jeffrey and Brad and Zulia and Megan all ave to return to school after a Full summer of Dancing and they have to try put There Dancing work into There School work and try to Balance both of them.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle Megan
52 14 "Robot Exchange" September 13, 2012 314 9.0
Marshall gets some Robots to be in the Background on the show but they keep getting in Gina and Marcia and Zulia's Way of the Dance floor so Jeffrey and Brad think that they should send to Robots back and everyone agree's but the Robots seem to have a Mind of there own and they Send Gina and Marcia Back to the Company and Brad and Jeffrey try to get them Back before its to late.
53 15 "Fool Like Mool" September 20, 2012 315 9.5
When a new Dancer Mool comes to Dance with The Gang Gina and Marcia and Zulia all fall for him and it Seems that Mool is Flirting with all of them so Brad and Jeffrey try to find out more about Mool and they find out that he is Just Leading all the girls on in fact he has a Girlfriend in his Town so they tell Gina and Marcia and Zulia.
Guest Star: Charles Lucas as Mool
Songs featured: "Catch A Brake"
54 16 "Second Audition" September 27, 2012 316 8.4
Gina and Marcia and Zulia and Brad and Jeffrey Find out that they will have to Audition again if they want to stay on the show but Gina and Marcia get really Nervous Because they dont want to mess up there Audition and then not be apart of the show.
55 17 "Relax Marcia" October 11, 2012 317 9.1
When bad Things start to Happen around Halloween Time Marcia thinks that Good New York is Hunted and she doesn't want to Dance on the Show Anymore so Gina and Brad and Jeffrey all try to get Marcia to Relax and Not think about Halloween so she can dance in the Big Number but Zulia pays a Guy to Freak marcia out even more so she cant dance with Gina and they wont get the Big Number and she will.
56 18 "New Dance Partners" October 18, 2012 318 9.8
Marshall thinks that its time that the Shoow gets a New Change he thinks that The Dancers should Change Dance Partners so He Puts Gina with Zulia and Marcia with Megan and see if it works out better but it doesnt because the bascily pull each other hair out. Meanwhile Brad and Jeffrey think that The Show is Getting Moved on to Saturday were no one watches Tv so they try to stop the Change.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle Megan
57 19 "Zulia Owns Dance Dance" October 25, 2012 319 9.6
When "Good New York" Needs more Money after its Running out Zulia gets her Father to pay the Money that they need to Save The Show so she gets to Control what the show and The Dancers have to do she Puts Gina and Marcia and Jeffrey and Brad all in the Back were no one can see them on Tv so Gina and Marcia come with an Idea to raise Money so They can Zulia father Back his Money and she Cant Control The Show Anymore Then she has already.
Songs featured: "1, 2 Step"
58 20 "Gina & The Bionic Boy" November 8, 2012 321 9.5
Gina meets a Boy named Devon and she falls for him but Marcia and Jeffrey and Brad find out that Devon has Powers and that he Might be Bionic so they try to tell Gina but she outdoes want to here it because she is so in love with him until Devon tells her that he has to leave earth and then Gina Believes it.
Guest Star: Richard Morris as Devon
Absent: Paige Gambian as Zulia
59 21 "Oh No Were's Good New York" November 15, 2012 313 9.2
Marcia finds out that Good New York has Been moved and she Tells Gina and They Think that They have Been fired or the show has been Canceled so they try to start a Petition to get a New Good New York But they find out that the Show Set was Just Moved So A Director Could Film a Movie In its Spot for the Day. meanwhile Zulia gets Jeffrey and Brad to help her Clean out the School band room so she can Turn it to a Cheer camp.
60 22 "The Gina & Marcia Project" November 29, 2012 324 9.6
The Creator of Good New York offer's Gina and Marcia there very own spot on the show and They get to name it there self and Zulia gets jealous and she tries to mess up there day. Meanwhile Jeffrey and Brad think that the the school has been serving them rat food for Lunch.
61 23 "Made For Helping" December 6, 2012 326 9.8
Marcia is very tired of all of helping her friends and family and doing their homework because they don't appreciate how much she values, so she decides to live in her bedroom and don't let anyone enter until they appreciate how much she does for them and Gina is upset because she has no one to Do her homework or Dance with so Zulia tries to Replace Marcia on "Good New York" while Jeffrey and Brad try to get Marcia to come out her room. .
62 24 "Megan's Christmas Slumber Party" December 13, 2012 322 10.0
Megan gets a Visit from The Ghost of Christmas Past and Future and Present and she see's her bad ways so she decides to invite Gina and Marcia to her Christmas Slumber Party and Zulia thinks that there gonna make fun of Gina and Marcia but Megan actually really wants to Hangout with them and have a Slumber Party. meanwhile Brad and Jeffrey get Stuck at The Dane Stdio with Marshall for Christmas.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle Megan
63 25 "Marcia Move's (Part 1)" December 20, 2012 327 9.6
Marcia gets a Great School Chance in Vegas and her Parents are so proud of her that decide to Move there whole family To Vegas and Gina is Upset Because she is Going to be Losing her Best Friend so Brad and Jeffrey try to get Marcia to stay but she Thinks that Gina wants her to go.
Absent: Paige Gambian as Zulia
Note: This is Part 1 of a 2 Part Episode.
64 26 "Fine Go Go Leave (Part 2)" December 27, 2012 328 10.2
As Marcia and her Parents are Heading to The air Port they stop off at Gina's House to say Goodbye and Gina is Really shocked that Marcia is Really Going so she gets Mad and just tells her to Go and Marcia Leaves but Back at Gina House Gina realizes That Marcia didn't Take her Lucky Pillow That she Left at Gina's House so Gina gets Jeffrey and Brad to give her a Ride to The airport and she tries her Best to Get to The Airport in time before the Plane Leaves but when she gets there the Plane had already Left and Gina starts Crying Because she Never really got to say Goodbye but she Turns around and Marcia is Standing there and Gina is Just so happy to see her and Marcia tells her that she Couldn't Leave her Best Friend Behind.
Absent: Paige Gambian as Zulia
Note: This is Part 2 of a 2 Part Episode.
65 27 "Money, Money, Money" January 3, 2013 323 9.8
After Gina's great-great-great aunt Dorthy dies, she inherits her 49,000 life savings. She spends most of it on herself and Marcia. meanwhile Zulia finds out that Gina and Marcia have both been going around time buying things and spending money so she begs her father to give her more money so she can compete with them and Brad and Jeffrey both try to get a dog to stop following them.
66 28 "The Thief Is Among Us" January 17, 2013 325 10.0
Marshall has been Noticing that there have have been things That are Missing from Good New York and he narrows it down to 4 Suspects Gina and Marcia and Brad and Zulia and he gets Jeffrey to Spy on them to see which one of them Did it. Meanwhile Gina and Marcia Know that they Didn't Do it so they try to See if Zulia and Brad Did it So everyone Can Go home from the Studio.
67 29 "Barf And Takeover" January 24, 2013 329 9.4
Gina and Marcia are hosted in the special dance spectacular at Good new york. But after a last minute sickness comes up, the girls can not do a thing, so Brad and Jeffrey put on makeup and dress like the girls so they can fill in for them in the Big Show.
Absent: Paige Gambian as Zulia
68 30 "Your Just A Follower" February 7, 2013 332 9.7
A new dancer joins Good New York and follows Gina and Marcia around, much to Zulia and Megan's amusement. Meanwhile, Brad tricks Jeffrey into buying him everything he wants at the mall after he gets a lot of money from his mother and father.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle Megan
69 31 "Vote For The Spot" February 14, 2013 330 9.8
After a show, Marshall tells the Good New York dancers to get into pairs and spend the week coming up with a routine to perform for the next show. The viewers will call in to vote and the winning pair gets the next Spotlight Dance, and will have a chance to be back-up dancers for singer, Alexa Cham, New York concert. During Rehearsals, arguments arise between Gina and Marcia, and Zulia and Megan, and they switch alliances; Gina and Zulia vs. Marcia and Megan. Meanwhile, Jeffrey and Brad are in charge of Planet's while also taking care of Uncle Carl, who is sick with a fever.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle Megan
Songs featured: "Take Me On"
70 32 "Marcia Loves Gina's Brother" February 21, 2013 333 10.0
Gina's Brother Kurt comes to town and Marcia see how Much he has Changed from a Little Nerd to a Hunk and she falls head over hills for him and when Kurt brings his girlfriend Vanessa Around Marcia starts to Get Jealous and she tries to get Gina to help her Sabotage Vanessa. meanwhile Zulia Makes Brad and Jeffrey help her Clean the Dance Floor After Marshall Catches her trying o Sneak the cloths.
71 33 "The Dance Dance Games" March 7, 2013 331 10.6
Marshall Decides to Enter Everyone on "Good New York" Into A Dance Dance Game and Gina and Marcia Pair up to Take Zulia and Megan Down in the Games but Once The Games start Going Things Get a Little catty on The Field between Gina and Marcia and Zulia and Megan. meanwhile Jeffrey and Brad Think That Marshall only Put Everyone in the Games because he wants to Scam money over the Winners.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle Megan
72 34 "Gina is Zulia Boss" March 14, 2013 334 10.1
Gina's Father Buys Zulia's Father Company and he becomes The Boss of Him Which Makes Gina The Boss of Zulia's Boss and Zulia tries to get out of the situation But she just cant and she Has to Do what ever Gina Say's. meanwhile Marcia Teaches Brad and Jeffrey How to Dance In Numbers for there new Play at school.
73 35 "Say Goodbye To Good New York" March 21, 2013 335 10.5
When Both Gina and Marcia Grades have been Going down and everyone is shocked that Marcia grades are going down but there shocked about Gina's grades and There Parents think that them being on the show is the reason why there grades are going down so they decide to Take Gina and Marcia off of Good New York forever and Zulia and Megan are both so happy Because They can get all the Spotlight and Gina and Marcia try to explain to there Parents but they don't want to here it and Brad and Jeffrey don't want to see Zulia and Megan all over the show and Not Gina and Marcia so they Change there Grades so There Parents will let Gina and Marcia Back on the show.

90-Minute SpecialEdit

Title Written By Directed By Original air date U.K. viewers
"Dance Dance: Take A Chance In France" Aaron Gunilla &
Heather Lowman
Jackson Grace January 10, 2013 14.0

Season 4: 2013-2014Edit

Episode # Season # Episode title Original air date Prod.code U.K. viewers
74 1 "Highschools & Hair Styles" April 18, 2013 401 10.4
Gina and Marcia Jeffrey and Brad and Zulia and Megan all start there First Day of Softmore Year in High school and everyone is Excited and Gina wants to Shock everyone with Her New Hair style But she cant seem to get all the Directions for the Hair style right and the Hair comes out Looking a mess and she tries to Hide her Hair style under a Hat in school but a teacher Makes her Take it off and she gets Embarrassed in front of Everyone and Zulia couldn't Be any more Happy. meanwhile Marcia is Shocked when she finds out that Brad and Megan are in the Honor Classes with her.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle as Megan
75 2 "Detective Marcia" April 25, 2013 402 10.8
When Marcia see's that Gina and Jeffrey and Brad and Zulia all Have been Doing Something Together after school For a While Now so she Decides to Go Undercover as another Person to see what there all doing behind her Back and she finds out that there Planning a Surprise party for Her and she when its time for the Party she Acts Like she doesn't Know anything even Though she Does.
76 3 "The Dancing Convention" May 2, 2013 404 9.6
Marshall Tells Gina and Marcia and Zulia and Megan and Jeffrey and brad all that Good New York Will be Having A Dance Convention were there will be Many Famous Dancers and Some who May be There Idols but its On a School Day and Zulia and Megan both get Permission from there Parents to Go But Gina and Marcia and Jeffrey and Brad all don't so they decide to Sneak out of School so They Can Go To The Dance Convention.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle as Megan and Theo Linton as Marshall
77 4 "That's My B.F.F"
(Part of IB.F.F's Can Dance)
May 9, 2013 410 14.4
After Making it On Good New York Tammy starts to Hang out with Gina and Marcia a lot and Manda and Heather start to get Jealous because they are Not Hanging out with There Best friend and They Both Plot to Take Down Gina and Marcia so that they can get there Best friend Back and Gina Thinks That Tammy and Marcia have been Hanging out to Much and Gina and Marcia Have Not so Gina Joins Forces with Manda and heather to Get Marcia and Tammy back with them. Meanwhile Zulia and Megan Take Marcus and Cody To There School to Try to Make People Think That there Boyfriends. and Jeffrey and Brad Show Kirk John all there Hiding Spots In The School To Play video games at. Tammy leaves The Show because she starts to miss Manda and Heather and Marcia Misses Hanging out with Her B.f.f Gina.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle as Megan and Mareah Densely as Manda and Jenna Scorpio as Heather and Joshua Roggers as John and Alex Marks as Tammy and Ned Sera as Cody and Oscar Phillips as Marcus and Shawn Reese as Kirk
Note: This Is a Special Crossover Episode With B.F.F (Tv Series).
78 5 "New Enemy's" May 16, 2013 403 10.2
When A new dancer Named Sadie joins Good New York and She follows Zulia and Megan around, much to Gina and Marcia's amusement and she starts to get on Gina and Marcia Nerves and They Plot to get Rid of Her. Meanwhile, Jeffrey tricks Brad into buying him everything he wants at the mall.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle as Megan
79 6 "Gina Finds Fame" May 30, 2013 405 9.8
When Brad and Jeffrey Records Gina Signing Backstage of Good New York and he Post it online and a Music Producer see;s it and he wants Gina to be his Next New Artist and she is So Happy and Zulia gets Jealous and tries to Ruin her Chances of Becoming Famous But doesn't work and Gina has Been spending so Much Time with Her Music That she Forgot about Marcia and The Show and Gina Snaps back into Reality she really wants to be Famous but she doesn't want to Leave Marcia And Good New York Behind so she stops working on Music.
80 7 "Back From The Future (Part 1)" June 13, 2013 407 11.2
Gina and Marcia have a Fight while a Shooting Star is Passing Bye and They say That they Don't want to be Best Friends Anymore and a Big Flash Happens and They go about there Separate Ways and They Go to Dance of Good New York and They don't Even Look at Each other and Zulia Loves That There Not Speaking and Brad and Jeffrey Hate it Because they want to talk to Both of Them not Just one of Them while Gina and Marcia are Chosen to Lock up Two Older girls come into The room Claiming That they are Gina and Marcia From The Future and They don't Believe Them at First Until They Tell some Things about Them and They tell them what ever They did or Said Messed up Older Gina and Older Marcia Dance Future And Friendship.
Guest Star(s): Brandy Tenuity as Older Gina and Gage Montgomery as Older Marcia
81 8 "Back From The Future (Part 2)" June 20, 2013 408 11.0
After a Few days of Not Talking Gina and Marcia See That Older Gina and Older Marcia are Starting to Fade away and They Realize That they really Messed up There Future so they decide to Apologize to each other and Become Best friends again and dance partners and Older Gina and Older Marcia Go back to The Future as Best friends. meanwhile Zulia and Jeffrey try to Figure out why Brad is Always Cleaning The Dance Floor.
Guest Star(s): Brandy Tenuity as Older Gina and Gage Montgomery as Older Marcia
82 9 "The Price Is Right" June 27, 2013 411 10.3
Gina and Marcia Really want a new Designer Jacket but They Don't really Have the Money to Buy it so they decide to get Jobs with Brad and Jeffrey at the Waffle House Because They Herd That they make really Decent Money There and Zulia Decides to Buy The Jacket even though she doesn't like it but she got it Just so Gina and Marcia Wouldn't Have it First.
83 10 "Marcia's Education Program" July 11, 2013 406 10.8
When Everyone gets on a Little Break from Good New York so Gina and Zulia Both Decides to Catch up on there Favorite show that they have missed the last few weeks. Meanwhile Marcia gets Jeffrey and Brad to help to get kids to come to her Educational Program so she can teach them a Little Bit more about school while she is on break from Good New York.
84 11 "Gina Chickens Out" July 25, 2013 409 10.0
Gina Finds out That Marcia is Sick and That she Will Have to do there Big dancer all By herself on national Television and Gina gets a Little Nervous and she tries to Chicken out and not do the Dance But Marcia and Jeffrey and brad all make her do The Dance Because they all see That she Can really do it and Gina just gets over her Fear and she Does it.
Absent: Paige Gambian as Zulia
Song Featured: "Hit The Floor"
85 12 "Wedding Dancer's" August 1, 2013 413 9.9
Brad's uncle Comes into town and he Tells Him that he is getting married and he wants Brad and Jeffrey to be His best men at The Wedding. Meanwhile. Marcia and Gina and Zulia all find out that the bride is just using Brad's Uncle for All The Money He Had Made of The Lottery and They try to Expose her.
86 13 "Who Has Magic" August 15, 2013 412 10.9
Gina and Marcia Try to Get Marshall to Listen to There New Idea for The Show But eh doesn't Like it But Zulia and Megan come up with The same Idea and He Loves it and Gina and Marcia start to Think That Zulia and Megan had Magic to Use Marshall to Pick there Idea. meanwhile Jeffrey and Brad Try to Create a new Cupcake business in town when there Favorite one Goes out of Business.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle as Megan and Theo Linton as Marshall
87 14 "The Dance Dance App" August 22, 2013 415 9.6
Gina and Marcia and Jeffrey and brad all Decide to team up to create a Dancing App for People Phones so they can Download Things Like Music and Dance moves off of Good New York and They can learn The Moves But when a Chief Dancer Downloads a Dance Moves from The App he says That he created The dance Move and Gina and Marcia and Brad and Jeffrey and Zulia try to Explain were they Got The Dance Move From.
Song Featured: "Downloaded" Performed By Fionna Streamer and Charlotte Spencer
88 15 "That's Not Brilliant Marcia" September 5, 2013 416 10.4
Marcia and Gina and Jeffrey and Brad and Zulia All Take a Test and Marcia Tries to come up with a Brilliant way to Give Good Test Advice and Gina and Jeffery and Brad and Zulia all Think That its Not one of Her Best Ideas because They Did what she Said and They failed There Next test and Marcia starts to feel That she Done a Bad Job with her Friends.
89 16 "Dancing Beauties" September 19, 2013 414 10.7
Marshall comes up with a New Idea for all The Girl Dancer of The Show to Dance While Looking Like Beauty Queens and Zulia Has No Problem with That But Gina and Marcia Don't Like The Idea Because when they Like To Dance They Don't Want to Be Looking Like That they want to feel Comfortable. Meanwhile Brad and Jeffrey show Jeffrey's Cousin Michel How the Show works and what they Do for the show.
Guest Star(s): Gary Holbrook as Michel and Theo Linton as Marshall
90 17 "Trick or Dance Treat" October 3, 2013 417 11.1
Gina and Marcia and Jeffrey and Brad and Zulia and Megan all set up The Dance Floor for The The Big Halloween Dance and Marcia wants Gina and The Gang to Help her Get Zulia Back for what she didn't o Her Last Halloween and They Make Zulia read something and Tell Her That she is Cursed and Zulia doesn't Believe it util Strange things Start Happening to her and she Doesn't want to Get Hurt Before her Big Dancer Number But Marcia Tells her that she Pulled a Little Prank on her for Halloween.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle as Megan
91 18 "The Mysterious Past of Megan" October 17, 2013 422 9.5
Gina and Marcia and Zulia and Jeffrey and Brad and Megan are all assigns to a Class project to tell a Story about there Past and they have to have pictures and Everyone come sup with there ideas and Megan kinda keeps hers away from everyone even Zulia so when its Time to Present The Projects to The Class Megan goes up and everyone finds out That she use to be a Baby Model for TV Commercials.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle as Megan
92 19 "Kiss Marcia But Date Gina" November 7, 2013 418 9.9
Gina Starts dating a New Guy named Chris and Marcia and Jeffrey and Brad see That Chris Has a bad Side to Him he Knows how to Use people get them to do what he wants and Chris See's A way to get Marcia off His back so he decides to Kiss her and Marcia Slaps Him and She tells Gina and Gina and Marcia Decide to Come up with a Plan to get Chris back for he did to them.
Absent: Paige Gambian as Zulia
Guest Star(s): Rusty Snyder as Chris
Song Featured: "Kissing My Friends" Performed By Fionna Streamer and Charlotte Spencer
93 20 "Jeffery's Big Dreams" November 21, 2013 419 10.5
Jeffrey Gets the Chance of a Life time to create Computer Skilled Dancers for Dance Show Games and he Tell The Gang about it and Gina and Marcia and brad are all so happy that he is doing that But he drops a bomb on them by telling them that the offer is in Miami and that means him and his Family would have to move there and they all see how bummed out he is about everything so they get Zulia to help them try to get Jeffrey offer were he can do the Games His Home in new York with Them.
Song Featured: "High Away" Performed By Charlotte Spencer
94 21 "My New Friend Emily" November 28, 2013 421 9.5
Gina starts hanging out with a New Friend Named Emily and Marcia starts to get jealous of Gina and Emily Hanging out all The Time and Gina evens Gets Emily a Job dancing on Good New York and Zulia decides to Try to get into Marcia Head and Make her Think That Gina doesn't want to be friends with her anymore. meanwhile Jeffrey and Brad Make a bet to see who can Make The best Turkey Drawing for a Class Project.
Guest Star(s): Imoni Tagore as Emily
95 22 "Dance Dance Christmas Tales" December 5, 2013 420 11.2
On Christmas Eve Marshall The Gang to Do a really big Dance Number but after the show when everyone tries to go home they find out that a storm Blizzard just hit and they cant go anywhere so Gina and Marcia and Jeffrey and Zulia and Brad and Marshall all Sit back and Tell what There Best Christmas would be like for them.
Note: This is another Christmas Themed Episode.
Note: When Marcia was Thinking About Her Best Christmas she never Really mention Zulia
Guest Star(s): Theo Linton as Marshall
96 23 "A Trip Down Zulia Lane" December 12, 2013 423 10.1
When Zulia Hits Her Head and she Starts being Nice to Gina and Marcia and She Thinks That she is There Friend and That Megan is Her Enemy and Megan gets Gina and Marcia and Jeffrey and brad all to help her Try to get Zulia memory back by Reminding her of all the Mean Things she Has Done to Gina and Marcia over the Years.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle as Megan
97 24 "Lazy Larry" January 9, 2014 426 10.5
Marshall makes Gina and Marcia and Zulia Look after a Dance Legend Larry Lern But When they Hangout with him they see that he is Nothing Like he is on TV eh is very lazy and He wants Them to Do what ever he says But The Girls are not up for that But They Know if Larry is Not Happy Then he wont Dance an The Big Show. meanwhile Jeffrey and Brad Think That There School is Hiding a Secret Tunnel in The Basement and They decided to Try to Figure it out to see whats in There.
Guest Star(s): Max Gonzalez as Larry Lern and Theo Linton as Marshall
98 25 "Dance Dance Gets Busy With It" January 16, 2014 424 10.1
Good New York Host a Dance Craze Party on There Show and Gina and Marcia are Put in Charge of it But Zulia Locks Them in a Closet and she Takes over the Show and she Books The Busy with it Crew and Gina and Marcia Break out Thanks to Jeffrey and Brad and They Decide to Show Zulia a Lesson in Handling Things They Make The Busy with it Crew Be Mean Zulia act Like They Don't know her so she can get Embarrassed.
99 26 "Meet My Layer Girls" February 20, 2014 425 8.9
When Marshall Gets Fired a New Host Comes and Takes over He wants Gina and Marcia and Zulia all to Dance Like he Ha son his Rules and The Girls don't do it But He Brings in his Lawyer to show Them That if They don't Do what he says Then They can Be Fired so The Girls come up with a Plan to get Marshall back. Meanwhile Jeffrey and Brad Build a Robot Dog That Turns Evil on Them and They Try to Fix it Before it Destroys The Town.
Guest Star(s): Theo Linton as Marshall
100 27 "Dance it Up With Sugar & Spice" February 27, 2014 427 9.3
Gina and Marcia are Chosen to dance with The Famous Dance Crew Girls The Sugars and Zulia gets upset that she was not chosen so she decides to make one of The Girls sick and she Puts Extra Spice Sauce in there Food so they cant dance with The Sugars. meanwhile Brad and Jeffrey Fight Over Megan when she is Picked for The School Prize and They want to Share it with her.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle as Megan and The Sugars
Note: This is The 100th Episode of The series.
101 28 "Tisk Tisk Tisk Miss Marcia" March 6, 2014 429 9.4
Marcia is tired of everyone making fun of her when she gets straights A's and Keeps getting on the Honor roll so she decides to Change and Become a Bad Girl and she starts Skipping Class and Making Fun of People Failing all her Test and Gina Likes it at first But she and Brad and Jeffrey try to get Marcia to Change back and they even get Zulia to help Them after They Find out Marcia and Her New Bad Friends are Trying to Steal from a Store.
102 29 "Ever Wonder How They Met" March 20, 2014 428 10.1
When Gina and Marcia and Zulia and Megan are Having a Fight Jeffrey and Brad comes to The rescue to stop The girls and They want to Know why Gina and Marcia cant stand Zulia and Megan and Why Zulia and Megan cat Stand Gina and Marcia and They all think about How They met Each Other what really Caused Them to Not Like each other.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle as Megan
Note: Its was Revealed That Marcia had Braces in 5th grade.
103 30 "With Dance We Laugh" April 3, 2014 430 12.0
Marshall Thinks About Shutting The Show Down for a few Weeks and Gina and Marcia and Zulia and Jeffrey and Brad and Megan are all shocked Because They really The Show and The dance and They all Find out That he is Trying to Get a Prank out of Them For That so they All Decide to put There Heads together to Try to get a Laugh out of Him so they all decide to pretend That They Can only Stop laughing if They Dance and Marshall gets freaked out and He Tells Them The Truth and They tell Him That They were also pranking Him.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle as Megan and Theo Linton as Marshall

Season 5: 2014-2015Edit

  • 28 episodes.
  • Production Started on February 11, 2014 to October 17, 2014.
  • On November 5, 2013 Furty Channel Officially Renewed Th series for a 5th Season. and Production Will Start on February 11, 2014 Set to Air in The Summer of 2014.It Was Announced That There Will Be a 3 Part Special Episode That Deals Gina and Marcia getting into A Special Dance related School in California.Its Was Announced That a Crossover with The New York O'Keeffe's Will Happen This Season.
  • On July 25, 2014 Furty Channel Announced That Season 5 Will be The Finale Season of The series and The Film Will be Turned Into The 90 Minute Series Finale Instead.
Episode # Season # Episode title Original air date Prod.code U.K. viewers
104 1 "Who's The New Guy" June 12, 2014 501 10.7
In The Season 5 Premiere Gina and Marcia See That There is a New Guy Who Will be Dancing with Them and They Both Fall for Him and Gina calls Dips and Marcia Gets upset about it But she respects Gina Choice so Gina tries to Flirt with Scott on the Dance Floor But Zulia Pushes her out The way so she can talk to Scott and Gina and Zulia Keeping Pushing each Other Out The way to talk to School and Marshall comes in and Tells Gina and Marcia and Jeffrey and Brad and Zulia and Megan and Scott That The Network wants Him to Share The Show with Mrs. Lombardi who walks In and Starts Bossing everyone around and she Says That she wants all The Dancers to were a Uniform and Gina and Marcia Try to get Mrs. Lombardi To Change her Mind By Coming Up with a Lie and it Works Until Brad Opens his Mouth Now Gina and Marcia are on Mrs. Lombardi Watch Radar.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle as Megan and Theo Linton as Marshall
105 2 "Summer's Not Over Yet" June 19, 2014 502 11.4
Gina and Marcia and Jeffrey and Brad and Zulia and Megan and Scott all try to get Marshall and Mrs. Lombardi to get More Air in the Studio so They Can Dance More and wont Get Hot But They want so The gang decides to Go on a Strike and Enjoy There Summer Outside Hanging out Until Marshall and Mrs. Lombardi Can get some Air in The Studio so Gina and Marcia start Dancing Outside But they realize That Dancing in The Summer Weather is Not what They Expected.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle as Megan and Theo Linton as Marshall
106 3 "The Dancing Witch Files" June 26, 2014 505 11.3
When Zulia Brings a new dancer Named Tilly to The Show She is Cool and Fun and Gina and Marcia See her doing something out of The Ordinary and They Think That she May be a witch But brad and Jeffrey and Zulia and Scott all Think That There Just being way over There head and Girls Thinks so To Until Tilly Starts Flying on a Broom and Gina and Marcia really freak out and They Try to Tape her doing something as a Witch so they can prove to everyone That Tilly really is a witch.
Guest Star(s): Layla Schneider as Tilly
Song Featured: "Turn Up Lights" By Fionna Streamer
107 4 "Scott With A Date" July 3, 2014 503 9.7
While Coming Up With Some new dance Moves Scott Tells Jeffrey and Brad That he is Thinking of Asking One of The Girls out on a date and They tell Them and Gina and Marcia and Zulia all fight to Look there best Because They Think There Gonna be the One who Scott ask out and when he goes up to Them he Ask Gina and Marcia and Zulia Look really Dumb and Gina is So Happy That Scott asked her Out on a date.
108 5 "Marcia Makes a Discovery" July 10, 2014 506 10.9
After Gina and Scott Start dating Gina Thinks He is The One for Her and Marcia is really Happy for Her Until she Hears Scott tells Someone on The Phone That he Loves and Misses Them and Marcia Thinks That Scott is Cheating on Gina and she Cant Prove it so she gets Zulia to help her prove it because she Can Find out anything so they Search Him and They Find Out He is dating a Girl named Norma and They tell Gina and Gina Just laughs at Them and she Tells Them That's Him Mother she is Out of Town and Marcia fells bad But Zulia doesn't. meanwhile Mrs. Lombardi Makes Jeffrey and Megan and Brad all run 7 Laps because Thinks They Stole her Sushi.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle as Megan
Song Featured: "Blade Mission" By Fionna Streamer
109 6 "Gina Believes in Bigfoot" July 24, 2014 504 11.7
Its back to School Week and Gina has a History Assignment about Myths That people Believe in and Gina Thinks That Big Foot is Just a Lie Until she gets Marcia and Brad and Jeffrey all sleep in The Woods with Her for 1 Night to see if They see Big Foot and They Do and Gina and Marcia and Jeffrey and brad all freak out and as There Running away Marcia notices a Yellow Lip Gloss That Only Zulia Uses and she Thinks That Zulia is Just Trying to Scare Them and they decides to scare her instead.
110 7 "Dance Your Legs off" August 7, 2014 507 11.4
Gina and Marcia and Zulia and Jeffery and Brad and Scott and Megan all try to Get Mrs. Lombardi Fired because she has Them Dancing to Much and she Has Them in The Studio after hours trying to learn some new moves but when she gets wind that there trying to get rid of her she makes there Dances even Harder so They Will Think twice before ever trying to cross her.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle as Megan
111 8 "Brad Don't Be Sad" August 21, 2014 508 10.5
When Mrs. Lombardi decides That The show has Enough People so she Decides to Kick brad off The show and Gina and maria and Jeffrey and Scott all Try to Get Him back on the show But Mrs. Lombardi wont allow it so Everyone decides to go on a Strike and not Dance and Mrs. Lombardi freaks out because she Needs them to Dance so she lets brad back on the show so everyone can dance for The Show.
Absent: Paige Gambian as Zulia
112 9 "Zulia's Odd Boyfriend" September 4, 2014 510 11.0
Zulia Brings her New Boyfriend Clyde to The Dance Studio Good New York and she Tries to make everyone Jealous Mainly Gina and Marcia and They don't Really Care But They do Know he is Gorgeous and Scott and Jeffrey and brad Notice That Clyde is a Little Odd and Gina and Marcia see What They Mean when They see Clyde Book Bag Full of Tiny Dolls and They Just Cant wait to Tell Zulia about Her Perfect Boyfriend and Zulia Thinks There Just Still jealous.
Guest Star(s): Cole Micelli as Clyde
113 10 "Protest of The History Test" September 18, 2014 509 10.8
Mr. Nelson Tells everyone to Study The Entire History Book and He was Giving Out a Test on it and Gina and Marcia and Jeffrey and Brad and Zulia all Think Its Unfair But Mr. nelson doesn't Care he is Giving out The Test so The Gang Decides to Make a Protest To The Test and They Use There Dance Show to get The word out about The Test and No One shows up to Class That day and Mr. nelson has No Other Choice But To Cancel The test.
114 11 "A Dance Fright Show"
(Part of The O'Keeffe's Halloween Dance Dance)
October 3, 2014 511 14.7
Gina and Marcia and Zulia and Sonny all really need a break From The dancing and They go in The back Room and They see Mrs. Lombardi Sturing up a Pot and she has an Evil hat on and see's the Girls and she Traps Them and They Find out That she is a Evil witch Who is Going to use The Big Halloween dance Number as a way fro her to Capture everyone's brains and Jeffrey and Scott and Flash and Brad all go Looking for The girls and Mrs. Lombardi turns them into frogs and she Puts a gear on Gina and marcia and Zulia and Sonny That makes Them Dance to The song No matter what and Sonny is dancing and she tries to Signal kayla and Amanda Jim to let Them Now something is wrong But no one gets it but Kayla does and she Goes back stage and she Flips The switch Causing Mrs. Lombardi Plan to not work and let everything go back to normal and Then its Goes to Zulia saying That Could Happen if she dances with a Fan But Gina and marcia tell Sonny she is welcomed to the show anytime.
Guest Star(s): Bree Jordin as Sonny and Vincent Joe as Flash and Allan Guine as Troy and Lorian Spellbird as kayla and Gloria Chasten as Amanda and Clint Banks as Jim
Note: This is a Special Crossover Episode With The New York O'Keeffe's
115 12 "The Fabulous Dance Lifestyle" October 16, 2014 512 10.9
A TV Interviewer Comes to "Good New York" to Do Interviews For His Next new Blog Post on His Site and He Interviews everyone and Gina and Marcia and Jeffrey and Scott and Brad Story's are all Different From The Stories That Zulia and Megan Gives him and He Doesn't knows what to Put in The Blog and Gina and Marcia Make sure He puts what They Said in The Blog and Not what Zulia and Megan Told Him about The show.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle as Megan
116 13 "Auditions in California (Part 1)" November 6, 2014 513 11.8
Gina Finds a Paper about A Amazing Dance School In San Diego, California Called "California Honors of Dance" AKA (C.H.O.D) and she Thinks That Her and Marcia Will be A Perfect Fit to Audition for The School and Marcia seems to be Nervous But Of course Gina Talks her into Doing it and Brad and Jeffrey Fly to California with Gina and Marcia so They Could Audition and Gina and Marcia are Stunned when They Find Out That Zulia and Megan are Already in Line to Audition for The School and Everyone Does There Audition and Gina Thinks she Did Amazing Although Marcia Thinks she Might Have Messed Up Talking The Judges Ear off with Facts and Zulia and Megan Think They Aced it As usual Every Fly's Back to new York to Wait for The Results.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle as Megan
Note: This is part 1 of a 3 Part episode.
117 14 "We Made it (Part 2)" November 13, 2014 514 12.0
Gina and Marcia Get The Call That They Have Made it into The School and They are so happy Until They Find out That Zulia and Megan Made into the School also But That Cant Stop Them But When Gina and Marcia realize That They are going to be leaving "Good new York" and Jeffrey and Brad and Scott all behind in New York They start to Think about Leaving But Scott and Jeffrey and Brad all tell The Girls That its There dream and They Have to Go to "California Honors of Dance" Because They Might Not get another Chance and Gina and Scott kiss Goodbye and The Girls Leave for San Diego, California and When They get There They Find out That They Have to be Roommates with Zulia and Megan and They can tell Things are Going to be Interesting.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle as Megan
Note: This is part 2 of a 3 Part episode.
118 15 "Someone's Homesick (Part 3)" November 20, 2014 515 12.0
Gina Starts to get Homesick and she wants to Go back to New York and Marcia is Shocked Because wanted To Audition for This School So bad and Marcia Admits That she is Homesick to and They talk to There Deans and They Decides to leave the School and Zulia and Megan Find out That Gina and Marcia left The School and Megan Thinks its Great But Zulia doesn't Because she Lives to Mess with Them so she gets Megan to Drop out of The Dance school with her and as Gina and Marcia and Brad and Jeffery are Having Fun on The Dance Floor Here Comes Zulia and Megan walking in in Slow Motion with The Spotlight on Them and Gina and Marcia Learn They Just Can Escape Zulia and Megan.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle as Megan
Note: This is part 3 of a 3 Part episode.
119 16 "Dancing on Christmas Bells" December 4, 2014 516 13.4
Marshall and Mrs. Lombardi want Good New York to have a Christmas Dance off and They Pick Gina and Marcia to Pick 1 Girl from The Bunch To Be on The Christmas Dance Number with Them and Gina and Marcia see a lot of Girls dance and They Think They Have Found a Winner to Dance with Them. meanwhile Zulia and Gets Scott and Brad and Jeffrey Pretend To be Her Helpers when she decides to Give Back to a Elementary School By getting Them Gifts.
Guest Star(s): Theo Linton as Marshall
Song Featured: "Bells of Joy" by Fionna Streamer and Charlotte Spencer
Note: The Winner of The Dance Dance Contest Tiffany Was In This Episode as The Dancer who was Dancing with Gina and Marcia
120 17 "Book Club, Math Club, & More" January 8, 2015 517 11.0
Gina and Jeffrey and Scott are Find Out about The School Book Club and Math Club and There is Only one Spot open in Them Both and They all compete to get into That last Spot and Gina Decides to Pull some Tricks and Moves to make her Look Very Good so she can get The spot and the boys don't Meanwhile Marcia and Zulia are Partnered Up to get The School into a Great Mood for The Pep Rally at The end of The Day.
121 18 "Zinger For Zulia" January 15, 2015 518 11.5
Zulia Decides To Come Up with a Singing Group for Good New York and she Calls her Group "Zulia & The Zingers" and her and Megan Hold Auditions to Find a perfect Singer for The Group and Marcia and Jeffrey and Brad all Thinks Gina should Try out because she has a Great Voice But Gina Doesn't think She would Fit in Zulia's Group But she Auditions anyway and Zulia is Shocked at her Voice and she tells her No But everyone else in the Group Thinks Gina is perfect so Zulia lets her in the Group Buts he makes Gina stand in the back and doesn't Turn her Mic Up enough Until Marcia Switches Mic with Zulia and Gina and Gina gets all the Shine while No One can here Zulia.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle as Megan
Song Featured: "Can You See The Beat" By Fionna Streamer and Paige Gambian
122 19 "Light That Battle Floor" February 5, 2015 520 11.2
Mrs. Lombardi Decides to try to Split Gina and Marcia friendship up so she decides to make Them in The Friday Night Battle with Gina and a Crew on 1 side against Marcia and a crew on another side and Gina and Marcia don't want to Battle against each Other on The Dance Floor But They Have No Choice and Gina's Crew is Her and Zulia and Scott and Marcia Crew is her and Megan and Brad and They Practice and Gina and Marcia has something up There sleeves for Mrs. Lombardi They were secretly working together on There Dance.
Absent: Paul Geom as Jeffrey
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle as Megan
123 20 "How I Got Out of Class?" February 19, 2015 521 11.2
When Gina and Marcia and Brad and Jeffrey and Zulia all Find out That They Got Put into Mr. Charch Class They all freak out because he is The worst teacher in The school and when its time to go to His Class Zulia tells Them she is Not in There anymore and Gina and Marcia and brad and Jeffry all think that she is lying because his class was impossible to get out of and they find out she is telling the truth and They Beg her to help Them get out of his Class.
124 21 "Marcia He is Bad News" March 5, 2015 519 11.0
Marcia starts dating This Guy Named Chucky and Gina Thinks That Chucky is a bad Guy and she tries to explain to Marcia and Marcia Flips out on Gina and They stop being Friends and When brad and Zulia and and Jeffrey all see Chucky out on a date with another Girl They think That she should tell Marcia so Zulia Snaps a Pic of The Date so she can Rub it in Marcia face and They show Marcia and Marcia is hurt and she Breaks up with Chucky and she realizes That Gina was right and she Tries to Find her to Mend There Friendship and Gina wont speak to her and Marcia gets Gina some Banana Cream Ice cream which Gina Loves and They Hug and become friends again.
Guest Star(s): Pablo Mariball as Chucky
Note: Pablo Mariball is Charlotte Spencer Real Life Boyfriend.
125 22 "Recording Session 101" March 19, 2015 522 10.2
Marshall and Mrs, Lombardi want Live music in The Next Dance show and They Choice Gina and Marcia to sing The Songs and They Make Them work with The Music Producer for days to get The song right and Zulia gets upset that she was not picked so she hires a fake Music producer to work Gina and Marcia like dogs so in The Big Night they sound Terrible. meanwhile Jeffrey and brad and Scott all get Jobs as Dog walkers and They Freak out when They Lose 3 of The Dogs.
Guest Star(s): Theo Linton as Marshall
126 23 "The Rich Have Become The Poor" April 2, 2015 523 10.7
When Marshall gets a Call from His Lawyers and They tell him That all his accounts have been Frozen and that eh no longer has any money Marshall freaks out because he Becomes Poor and Has no were to go so Gina and Marcia decides to Help out so They Invite him to Stay at Gina's House but Marshall starts to Make the girl work Hand and foot on him and they get Fed up with it so they try to get him all his money back so they don't have to slave over him. Meanwhile Jeffrey and Zulia and Brad and Megan all try to Get Mrs. Lombardi to see what a Great host a new band would make for the show just so they can meet them.
Guest Star(s): Theo Linton as Marshall and Celia Jungle as Megan
127 24 "Gina & Scott Prom Story" April 16, 2015 524 11.0
Its Prom and Everyone is So happy about Attending and Gina is Happy That Has a Date Scott and she wants Them to be The Perfect Couple at The prom and she Orders Them matching Outfits with Her Dress and His Suit and Marcia Goes with Brad and Zulia and Megan both get Dumped By There Dates and They Fight over to see who goes with Jeffrey so When Prom Starts Gina and Scott Limo gets a Flat and They Get out and get Splashed with Mud and There Going to Miss The Prom and Gina Thinks its all her Fault But she Calls Marcia who gets brad's Uncle Truck and Goes to get Them and she Gives Gina her Dress Because Gina wants To Look Great at prom while Marcia doesn't really care she Just wants Gina to have a Magical Night.
Guest Star(s): Celia Jungle as Megan
128 25 "The Presidential Press Day" May 7, 2015 525 7.52
Now That Gina is School President everyone cant wait to hear what she Has Planned with the Big Presidential Press day and Gina realizes that The Press Day has Come to Fast and she Doesn't have anything to tell The Student Body and Zulia knows that Gina will be Voted out out the president office and she can takeover but Marcia and Jeffrey and Brad and Scott all decides to help Gina out and Help Get some Last Minute things together so she can talk at The Press Day and Zulia cant take her place as president.
129-130-131 26-27-28 "Dance Dance: This is Our Time" June 11, 2015 526-527-528 14.2
Marshall and Mrs. Lombardi Tell Gina and Marcia and Jeffrey and brad and Zulia and Scott and Megan That The TV Network has Decided Cancel The show "Good New York" Because The Ratings for The show has not been the Best and Gina and Marcia are The Most Hurt By That decision and They Set out to Try to Change The TV Networks Mind about The show But Gina and Marcia end up making The Network Upset and They decides to Take a Big Budget From The Show away and The Girls feel so bad and when They tell The Gang about it Zulia gets everyone to agree That Gina and Marcia should Not be in The Finale dance for The show But only Mrs. Lombardi and Megan Sides with her because Jeffrey and brad and Scott and Marshall Think Gina and Marcia Needs to be in The Finale dance so with That Coming Up Gina and Marcia Get a Thought about The Finale Dance and They decides that it should be There best and Biggest dance Numbers Yet and They Decides to Have a Auction in The Show parking Lot to Auction off some celebrity Dance Clothes and Other Things so they Can raise Money to Book Big Stars and Have some Money to Buy Some of The bets Clothes to perform in and and Zulia and Megan Get jealous That Gina and Marcia are Getting all of This Done But They decides to help them out with The Auction and Zulia gets 1 Thousand dollars from a nerd who Just wanted to Look at her and After Not Liking The Choreography Routines Jeffrey and brad and Scott all get The Choreography to Quit and They freak out because Now They have No One to Choreograph Them on The last dance and Gina and Marcia Find out and They decide That They will be The Choreographs for The dance Numbers and Everyone is a Little Skeptical about that at First But Gina and Marcia break out some Awesome dance Moves so when They Get some Celebrities Booked to Watch The show and They get all The Things they want its Opening Night for The last Dance Number and The Crowd is large and The Gang gets Out there and Shows Off There Moves and afterwards everyone Cheers for them and Gina and Marcia Get approached By International dance Chronographs and They Speak with Them and They tell Them That They want Gina to teach Dance in Africa and Marcia to teach dance in Australia and The Girls are so Happy until They find out its Two Different Places and The Offer is One in a Life Time But Gina and Marcia are Not ready to Separate but after Talking to There Friends and Thinking about it Gina and Marcia Think That Maybe its There Time to Do There Own Thing and They Agree To Go and They Pack Up There Things and Mrs. Lombardi and Marshall ask Them to stop By The Studio for One Last Time and They Do and Its a party for Them That was Put together By Zulia and Megan and Everyone Has Fun But when Gina and Marcia Plans Come Scott and Gina decides to Try to Keep a Long Distant Relationship and everyone say's goodbye to The Girls But The hardest part is Gina and Marcia saying Goodbye to each Other and They Do and as They get on There Plans They Thinks about all The Friendship Times They have Had with each Other as They get ready to Start There new Journey being Dance Teachers in Africa and Australia.
Guest Star(s): Theo Linton as Marshall and Celia Jungle as Megan
Song Featured: "Watch Out" by Fionna Streamer and "Shake Ya Grove" by Charlotte Spencer and Paige Gambian and "This Is Our Time" by Fionna Streamer and Charlotte Spencer
Note: This is The 90 Minute Special series Finale of The show.