Format Teen sitcom
Created by Ashley Taterman
Starring Sabrina Lawrence
Christy Zinterwood
Catrina Rogers
Travis Morris
Vivian Migana
Craig Kingsford
Opening theme "Downtown Girl" performed By Sabrina Lawrence
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 130 (List of episodes)
Kevin Lynch
Gale Lynn
Location(s) Miami Florida
Camera setup Videotape (filmized);
Running time 22-24 minutes
Smile Funny
Original channel Furty Channel
Original run August 6, 2011 – January 3, 2015
Related shows Katelynn

Jessica Is a London England Sitcom That Premiered on Furty Channel on August 6, 2011. The series stars Actress Sabrina Lawrence.The series was Watched by 6.9 Million Viewers on its Premiere Night.On June 8, 2013 Furty Channel Officially Renewed The series For A 5th Season making It The Finale Season.


Jessica is about a Girl Named Jessica Powers (Sabrina Lawrence) who works at the Moon Beach in Miami Florida and who is a Freshman in High School She Deals with many strange things in her life mostlikley like a regular teenager she gets. in a lot of trouble she has an older sister Angel (Catrina Rogers) who is a goody to shoes and always pulling Straight A,s and her best friend for 10 Years Brooke (Christy Zinterwood) get into all kinds of trouble and she has been the love interest of Chris (Craig Kingsford) since 3rd Grade Like most Teenagers Jessica Has to Deal with Bullies Robin (Vivian Migana) and Renee ((Jenifer Jockerman) Robin is also Angel Best friend and the Love interest of Jamal (Travis Morris) who happens to Like Angel and Robin.


The series was Ordered in December of 2008 Because Furty Channel wanted some new faces on the Network and they gave the Creator Ashley Taterman the big ok and she casted for the pilot in February of 2009 and Series shoot The pilot episode of the show was shot in April of 2009 and the series was Green-lit in March of 2010 by Furty Channel and Production started in July of 2010 The Production Company and the producer's signed a contact to not limit the amount of Season's the show would have. The show was Under Many Tittles While In production first it was Jessica's Beach and then it was The Life of Jessica but the Producers Didn't Like Any of the names so Finally they Settled with Just Jessica The Original Episode order for the series was 13 episodes but Furty Channel Ordered an Additional 8 more Episodes making the series first season have 21 episodes The series films all there season a lot earlier Then other shows Because Sabrina Lawrence was Casted into a Films.On March 7, 2012 Furty Channel Announced That they Renewed The series for a 4Th season.On March 15, 2012 Furty Channel announced that a Movie to The show was Planned.On June 8, 2013 Furty Channel Officially Renewed The series For A 5th Season making It The Finale Season.And It was Announced that Vivian Migana Will Not Return For The main cast But Will Guest Star into Season 5 Instead Due Working on The Nightmare Circle.On February 4, 2014 At there Up-Fronts Furty Channel Announced That The Backdoor Pilot To The series Was Ordered.


Jessica Powers (Played By Sabrina Lawrence) She is a freshman and she works at moon beach Salon department and she has a sister Angel and she is the love interest of Chris.

Brooke Omlent (Played By Christy Zinterwood) She is the best friend of Jessica she is often Teases bye Robin and Renee but she loves boys and she is also rich.

Angel Powers (Played By Catrina Rogers) She is a soft-more and unlike her sister she doesn't get in any trouble she is manly a straight A student.

Jamal Gunsin (Played By Travis Morris) He is the school hot guy he shows alot of interest in Angel and Also Robin.

Robin Oliver (Played By Vivian Migana) She is a rich and Popular social queen she is the bestfriend of Angel and she has little sister Renee.

Chris Martinez (Played By Craig Kingsford) He is a Wiz with the computer although he has geeky qualities he is the most popular boy in school.


Renee Oliver (Played By Jenifer Jockerman) She is Not very Smart and funny she is most likely self conceited and little sister of Robin.

Number of Episodes PresentEdit

Actress or Actor Character Episodes
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5
Sabrina Lawrence Jessica Powers 21 21 30 28 30
Christy Zinterwood Brooke Omlent 20 21 30 27 30
Catrina Rogers Angel Powers 21 21 30 20 26
Travis Morris Jamal Gunsin 20 20 29 28 30
Vivian Migana Robin Oliver 17 18 25 17 1
Craig Kingsford Chris Martinez 20 19 28 28 30

Recurring Number of Episodes PresentEdit

Actress or Actor Character Episodes
Season 1 (2011) Season 2 (2011) Season 3 (2012)
Jenifer Jockerman Renee Oliver 12 12 11

Notable Guest StarsEdit

Actor/Actress Appearing as Season Episode
Kent Woos Austin 1 "The King Sloppy"
Fionna Streamer Gina 1 "Dance Show"
Charlotte Spencer Marcia 1 "Dance Show"
Whitney Chase Emma 2 "Jessica an Smarty Pants"
Amanda Rootman Lanay 2 "Jessica an Smarty Pants"
Ryan Tendering Lucas 2 "Jessica an Smarty Pants"
Lily Gonder Mia 2 "Jessica an Smarty Pants"
Adam King Will 2 "Jessica an Smarty Pants"
Ryan Woodworth Matt 2 "We Meet Matt & Amy"
Naomi Downwood Amy 2 "We Meet Matt & Amy"
Brittany Higgins Lauren 2 "We Meet Matt & Amy"
Matthew Barcelony Sheldon 2 "We Meet Matt & Amy"
Reagan Delgaso Katelynn 3 "Jessica & Katelynn"
Natasha Davis Sam 3 "Jessica & Katelynn"
Austin Walker Ricky 3 "Jessica & Katelynn"
Grant Levis Joseph 3 "Jessica & Katelynn"
Julia Banks Katerine 3 "Jessica & Katelynn"
Fred Willy Anthony 3 "Jessica & Katelynn"
Riley Stoning Tony 3 "Jessica & Katelynn"
Brittany Jones Nadine 5 "Burst Out The Laughs"
Adam Newman Carlos 5 "Burst Out The Laughs"
Xavier Blake Lance Lerging 5 "Just For Jessica"

Special EpisodesEdit

Title Type Air date Synopsis Viewers
"Hello Summer in New York" Hour Long April 28, 2012 The Gang Heads to New York for a summer Vacation with robin and Renee. meanwhile Jessica and Brooke go out looking for camping Gear when they run into Todd Oliver who happens to be Robin and Renee Cousin. 9.4
"Jessica's Island" Hour Long December 1, 2012 When Jessica and Brooke and Angel and Jamal and Chris and Robin all take a Trip on a Plane and the Plane gets Lost on an Island and Jessica and the Gang are the only People on the Island and they don't have any cellphones or Maps or Nothing and Every starts to complain and Blame Jessica because the Trip was her Idea so Jessica decides to Try to Hook the Island Up by making a Mall out of Sticks and a School and everything and Everyone see's that the Island is ok Then a Group of Rescue People come and Save Them. 10.2
"Jessica Were Are You??" Hour Long March 29, 2014 When Jessica Overhears Her Friends Talking about her behind her Back she thinks that they are not friends anymore so she has been avoiding them and she starts hanging out with New Friends and When Brooke and Jamal and Chris Finally get to Find Jessica she Tells Them That she doesn't want to be There Friend anymore because she heard what they said but The Gang tells Her That they only said that because they knew she was listening and they didn't want her to Find out about the Surprise Party that there Throwing her and Jessica Then feels Happy and she tries to go back with Her Old Friends But her New friends Tammy and Blake and Aaron are Not Letting Jessica out there Group That Easy. Meanwhile Angel Decides that Cooking is Her Passion and she Signs up for a Food Cook network show to Compete to see who Cook a Cupcake Tower for a Little Girls Party. 11.3


"Dance Show"
Jessica and Brooke go to New York to Visit Brooke's Cousin Cargina and they also get the chance to dance with Marcia and Gina on there show.

"Jessica an Smarty Pants"
Jessica and Gang travels to Hollywood were there gonna be contestants on the game show Smarty Pants. Meanwhile Emma and Jessica try there hardest to Study to see which one of them will win while Robin and Renee and Mia bond when they all go shopping and Lanay and Brooke go to an arcade and hangout with Lucas and Will and things get heated up for Angel and Jamal.

"We Meet Matt & Amy"
When Jessica's school Fly to Washington D.C for a field trip they go to Walloon High were they meet Matt and Amy tries to Show the Gang around the school but every one ignores her and Slips off and goes looking on there own Robin and Renee and Lauren all see that they have so much in Common that they all use Robin and Renee Father's private Jet and go to new zealand For Lunch and shopping and Angel and Brooke Make lemonade for the football team and Brooke set's her eye's on Sheldon. Meanwhile Jessica and Amy bond over the New's paper because Jessica has always wanted to work on the school's new's paper and Jamal Chris and Matt all try to find a little girl that stole the present's that they were gonna give to the girls.

"Jessica & Katelynn"
Jessica (Sabrina Lawrence) wins a Contest to be on her favorite Talk show Called "Good-After-Noon-Songs" were she will get the Chance to perform a song live on national Television but when she gets there Katelynn (Reagan Delgaso) thinks that she is the winner and she starts to rehearse her song and Jessica and Katelynn both try to explain to each other that they were picked to sing. meanwhile Angel (Catrina Rogers) and Robin (Vivian Migana) both fall for Ricky (Austin Walker) and they try to to pamper him and give him whatever he wants and Sam (Natasha Davis) and Joseph (Grant Levis) and Katherine (Julia Banks) Help Brooke (Christy Zinterwood) come up with an idea for a T-Shirt brand that would help both Jessica and Katelynn and Anthony (Fred Willy) and Jamal (Travis Morris) and Tony (Riley Stoning) and Chris (Craig Kingsford) are all put in Mall Jail after being accused of being the Triple Robbers. Later Jessica and Katelynn decide to put there Songs Together and both be on the show.

Awards and Nomination's Edit

Year Award Category Recipient(s) Result
2012 2012 Kids' Choice Awards U.K "Favorite 2011 Summer Comedy" Jessica Nominated
Hot Heat Choice Awards "Favorite TV Actress" Sabrina Lawrence Nominated
2014 2014 Kid's Choice Awards U.K "Favorite TV Show" Jessica Won
"Favorite TV Actress" Sabrina Lawrence Nominated
"Favorite Female TV Sidekick" Christy Zinterwood Nominated