Glow: The Movie
Glow Movie.jpg
Distributed by Furty Channel Original Movie
Directed by Lenny Knight
Produced by Conner woods
Written by Ricardo Toner
Based on Glow!
Starring Trevor Vaner
Amber Drant
Adam Newman
Nora Dalton
Sally Larson
Todd Wilkins
Victoria Backer
Production company Smile Funny
Original channel Furty Channel
Release date March 21, 2012
Running time 98 minutes


The Gang Takes a Vacation to Hawaii But They get on the wrong Plane and they go to Japan were they are Kidnapped by Greg Ben Sonny and Steve Hunter Wallace.

Main CastEdit

Trevor Vaner as Kevin Age

Amber Drant as Cassie Greenfield

Adam Newman as Adam Joe "A.J" Longwood

Nora Dalton as Elizabeth Morrow

Sally Larson as Jessica Wilson

Todd Wilkins as Winston Wedgwood

Victoria Backer as Lindsay Walker


The movie reached a total of 12.9 Million viewers.