Glitz & Glam
Format Sitcom-Comedy
Web Comedy
Created by Bill Applegage
Starring Jackie Spears
Ava Heller
Randy Banks
Liam Matrices
Brittany Jones
Lucy Hunter(Season 1-4)
Opening theme "Web Surrounded" performed by Jackie Spears
Country of origin United Kingdom
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 6
No. of episodes 145 (List of episodes)
Steven Lawrence
(Season 1-4)
Bill Applegage
Hank Coppola
(Season 5-6)
Location(s) London England
Camera setup Videotape (filmized) Multi-camera
Running time 23 minutes
49 minutes (Specials)
1 Hour 30 minutes (Specials)
Smile Funny
Bill Applegage Productions
Original channel Furty Channel
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
720p (HDTV)
First shown in United Kingdom
Original run December 14, 2010 – January 4, 2014
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Glitz & Glam is an England television sitcom that Made its Debut on Furty Channel on December 14, 2010 it was Created by Bill Applegage also The Creator of Country Boys. Its stars Jackie Spears and Ava Heller.The series Premiered with 6.8 Million Viewers.The Series was Renewed for a Second season That premiered on May 16, 2011. The series was Renewed For a 3rd season That Premiered on October 17, 2011. The Series was Renewed For a 4th Season That Premiered on May 5, 2012.On December 12, 2011 Furty Channel Renewed the series for a 5th season That Premiered on November 3, 2012.On February 8, 2013 Furty Channel Announced at There Up-fronts That They Renewed The series for a 6th season. That Will Air on October 12, 2013.It Was Announced That The Series Finale Will Air on January 4, 2014.

On March 16, 2017 it Was Announced That Bill Applegage is Bringing The Whole cast for a Reunion Special episode to air in 2017.


The series Follows The life of Two 15 Year old Best friends Named Ruby Kelly (Jackie Spears) and Diamond Dufton (Ava Heller) Who start a fashion Web Show Called Glitz & Glam to tell people whats in and Whats out with there Technical Producer Billy Black (Randy Banks) In The 5th Season Amber (Brittany Jones) Joins There Web-show. and At The End of Every Show Ruby and Diamond Say That's Glitz & Glam.


The Series was Ordered by Furty Channel in March of 2010 to boost up the best friend Portion Up on the channel. and Bill Applegage Started Casting for The Pilot in April of 2010 and (Jackie Spears) and (Ava Heller) were Both Chosen to Play the Female Leads in The series but (Ava Heller) was Originally Chosen to Play Ruby but Bill Applegage Thought she would be a Better Fit for The Role of Diamond and The pilot episode of the series was Filmed in June of 2010 and the series was Green-Lit on August 8, 2010 and went into Production the series was Set out to Focus on two Web show;s Battling each other but was changed. The show went from Ruby and Diamond to Glitz & Glam. On December 12, 2011 Furty Channel renewed the series for a 5th season and will start Production in early 2012. On July 12, 2012 Bill Applegage announced that He couldn't end Glitz & Glam End the series so the series wont end after season 5.On August 2, 2012 Jackie Spears and Ava Heller announced to during new music Together.On February 8, 2013 Furty Channel Announced at There Up-fronts That They Renewed The series for a 6th Season and It Will be Its Finale season of The show.On June 18, 2013 Furty Channel Announced At There Summer Up-Fronts That The Series Season 6 Will Have a 13 Episode Order.On September 14, 2013 Furty Channel Announced a Crossover with The series and Sierra Can Make It and Autumn and Friends.


Glitz & Glam is one of the most fun TV show I Have ever filmed. And now it'll be over with Six seasons I Cant Wait To Go back and Filmed The Incredible Finale Season. We'll still have it part of our lives and we'll still be together as long as we have each other.
Jackie Spears, talking about Ending With the final season.

Ruby Kelly (played by Jackie Spears) Aged 15 (Season 1) 15 (Season 2) 15 (Season 3) 15–16 (Season 3) 16–17 (Season 4) 17 (Season 5) 17-18 (Season 6) She is a fun and Energetic 15 year old Girl she loves hanging out with her friends at the milkshake she is Best friend with Diamond and she also has an Older Brother and she is not very good in school she sees school more as a place were there's No parents and she also Used to have a huge Crush on Billy and she attends gateway high school.

Diamond Dufton (played by Ava Heller) Aged 15 (Season 1) 15 (Season 2) 15 (Season 3) 15–16 (Season 3) 16–17 (Season 4) 17 (Season 5) 17-18 (Season 6) She is a 15 Year old fashionista who is also very smart she loves hanging out with her Best friend Ruby and she has the Biggest crush on Ruby's Older brother Jimmy and she Also attends gateway high school and she is Frenemies with the show Technical Producer Billy but she doesn't Know that he has a secret crush on her.

Billy Black (played by Randy Banks) He is a 15 (Season 1) 15 (Season 2) 15 (Season 3) 15–16 (Season 3) 16–17 (Season 4) 17 (Season 5) 17-18 (Season 6) Year old Computer wiz he is very smart and he loves hanging out at the Milkshake and he has love hate relationship with Diamond and he has been best friends with Ruby since they were 5 years old.

Jimmy Kelly (played by Liam Matrices) He is 17 (Season 1) 17 (Season 2) 17 (Season 3) 17–18 (Season 3) 18–19 (Season 4) 19 (Season 5) 19-20 (Season 6) year old Football Player who is dating Amber but shows a little affection towards her little sister Abby.

Amber Nelson (played by Brittany Jones) She is a 16 (Season 1) 16 (Season 2) 16 (Season 3) 16–17 (Season 3) 17–18 (Season 4) 18 (Season 5) 19 (Season 6) Year Old Captain of Cheer-leading Squad and she is the Girlfriend of Jimmy who she fights with every week and she is enemies with Ruby and Diamond she loves making there life Miserable.

Abigail "Abby" Nelson (played by Lucy Hunter) She is A 15 Year old Cheerleader and she is the little sister of Amber and she has a little crush on Billy that's why she doesn't like Diamond Because she knows Billy likes her.

Recurring Character's In season 5Edit

Khole Backnoir She is a Mean girl who doesn't Like Ruby and Diamond but she Has a Crush on Billy and she is the New Best Friend of Amber.

Gabe Jason He is the New Best Friend of Billy and Jimmy he helps Billy with his Tech Work on Glitz & Glam and he has the Biggest Crush on Ruby.

Cast members Edit

Character Portrayed by Main cast seasons No. of Episodes
Ruby Kelly Jackie Spears season 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 145
Diamond Dufton Ava Heller season 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 145
Billy Black Randy Banks season 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 145
Jimmy Kelly Liam Matrices season 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 133
Amber Nelson Brittany Jones season 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 132
Abigail "Abby" Nelson Lucy Hunter season 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 75

Notable Guest StarsEdit

Actor/Actress Appearing as Season Episode
Trevor Vaner Austin 1 "Fashion Show"
Daisy Backwood Morgan Captland 1 "Glitz Vs Green"
Tiffany Moore Mandy Wills 1 "Glitz Vs Green"
Michel Stouves Brandon Justice 1 "Glitz Vs Green"
Cole Griffin James Wills 1 "Glitz Vs Green"
Serria Page Amber Look A Like 2 "Were's Amber and Abby"
Allie Jackson Abby Look A Like 2 "Were's Amber and Abby"
Kim Frazier Serenity 2 "Cheerleading Web Show"
Harward Nelson Freddie Slummer 2 "Wild Wild Web Show"
Sean Bird Sean Hared 2 "Wild Wild Web Show"
Haylee Kilohm Autumn Hared 2 "Wild Wild Web Show"
Heather Adams Tia 3 "Web Show Honors"
Joe Jensen Himself 4 "I Want Red Heads"
Mike Justin Himself 4 "I Want Red Heads"
Nate Dallas Himself 4 "I Want Red Heads"
Ryan Tendering Doug 4 "Get A Job"
GiGi Walker Nikki 4 "Take on Nikki (Part 1)"
Take on Nikki (Part 2)
Claire Cantrell Mallory 4 "Ruby's Replacement"
Hallie Crawford Isabella 4 "Tech Boy Meets Tech Girl"
Steve Warder Roy 5 "Diamonds For Diamond"
Parker Chesterton Ranger 5 "Take Who To The Prom"
Eric Juce Daniel 6 "Diamonds Date"
Bianca Rolando Lexi 6 "Oh Give Me A Break"
Alyssa Nelson Sierra 6 "Combining Shows"
Raquel Storm Ally 6 "Combining Shows"
Nick Amine Ryder 6 "Combining Shows"
Miranda Corine Wendy 6 "Combining Shows"
Victor Wallace Jake 6 "Combining Shows"

Did You KnowEdit

Did You Know...

Special EpisodesEdit

Title Type Air date Synopsis Viewers
"Glitz Takes a Trip to Tokyo" Hour and 30 Minutes Special August 23, 2011 After there Web show Name is Stolen Ruby and Diamond and Billy all go to Tokyo to get the rights of there Web show Name back But things get out of control when they have to Make the mayor of Tokyo daughter Cute and Popular and Date able or they wont get there title Name back. Meanwhile Amber Tricks Jimmy into going to a golf game with her Dad even Though Jimmy hates golf and Abby tries to Explain to her mother why she ran her credit card up by 10 thousand dollars. After Ruby and Diamond Give Gertie a Make over they force Billy to go on a Date with her and he actually likes her and the Mayor gives the girls Back There title. 11.8
"Wild Wild Web Show" 30 Minute Special September 6, 2011 Ruby and Diamond and Billy Go on a field Trip with there school but they get lost from the other student's and they end up in the country were they meet Freddie, Sean and Autumn who have been Living in the country for years and they show them around the town and they decide to Do a Web show featuring Freddie, Sean and Autumn telling People that they live in the country but still have a good fashion cent. Meanwhile Amber and Abby try to find out why there father is leaving town without there mother. 12.2
"Wanna See a Famous Person" Hour and 30 Minutes Special February 25, 2012 Ruby and Diamond want to meet Styling Katie but Billy said he had tickets but lied so they decided to try to sneak past security but doesn’t work. So they had some plans. First, was to past Ruby as a celebrity but fails. After, they went inside without anyone looking but there were guards and 2 of the guards electrocuted Billy 3 times while wearing black jeans and Jimmy 4 times while wearing blue jeans. Then they went to the roof of the concert and They fall Diamond was pulling Ruby down so she wouldn't fall off. Later Ruby felt a light switch and turned it on but instead electrocuted her while Diamond was on the phone with her new Boyfriend and she couldn't Here her scream. Next they tried to go through the window but didn’t work because Billy fell and one of the guards electrocuted him. Jimmy was hiding in the tree. Then another security guard came and electrocuted Him again. Then they had one more idea and that was taking Amber and Abby's Tickets while they weren't looking and it worked. 14.9
"Web Show Cruise" Hour Long Special May 5, 2012 Ruby and Diamond get accepted to a famous Party of the Year on the Miland Boat of America and they Tape there show there so everyone can see that They went to the party But Johnathan The Person who Invited them Kidnaps Them and Throws there Glitz & Glam Things Over-bored so Ruby text Jimmy and Billy what happen and they Try to get On the Boat and Find them. meanwhile Amber wants to Know why Abby's new Boyfriend Bossy her around so much. 15.7
"I Want Red Heads" Hour Long Special May 19, 2012 When Ruby, Diamond and Billy are in the Glitz & Glam studio in Ruby's Basement, they try to think of ideas for their web show. Then, Ruby comes up with an idea saying they should get Read Heads to play in their web show. When they get the boys to play, Ruby and Joe The Lead Singer have this connection between them that leads up to a kiss. The same thing happened to Diamond and Mike, who seem to have a lot in common with each other but things take a twist when the boys have to go back to New York and Ruby and Diamond lose the boys that were almost their boyfriends, but in the end, the boys Comes Back and ask Ruby and Diamond to be their girlfriends and they say yes. 18.5
"We Spy on The Town" Hour Long Special November 17, 2012 While in the middle of an Glitz & Glam episode, a rumble sound comes through the loft. so Ruby and Diamond and Billy just dismiss as a small earthquake that was common in There Town.The next morning, word gets out it was the HHCTV being install after a series of break-ins at local business. However, they were advised that they'll strictly not allowed in private home, like the Building That Ruby and Jimmy Live in, since that would be a privacy reasons. The shows can still go on since the people on the volunteered to be on. However, the police soon learns that they can't be at the control center and dealing with on hands work at the same time.To solve this, they get volunteers from the city of to watch. A group of random people are chosen, but unfortunately, they include Amber and Jimmy and Khole,When Amber learns that a way to talk to the people the microphone and some of the cameras can seek into the school by pure luck, she tells Jimmy and Khole about it. and Khole tells Amber it was their chance to get even against Ruby and Diamond Well, it didn't take long for Diamond to get annoyed, and she tries to find a way to get away from cameras at the schools and on the streets. Diamond heads to Ruby's Apartment where she discovers it's a blind spot! Diamond tells Ruby, Billy, and Jimmy and Gabe about it. Ruby and Diamond decided it would be perfect for an Glitz & Glam episode, about People Spying on the town but Ruby discovered that it can expose them to the camera. 14.9
"Who Did It: The Ruby & Jimmy Story" Hour Long Special March 16, 2013 Everyone in the Apartment Building Knows How Much Both Ruby and Jimmy hate The New people Across The Hall from them but when One day The Family Just Disappears with out a trace and Everyone starts to Blame Ruby and Jimmy for Them Being Gone But Ruby and Jimmy are Just as Shocked as everyone else is But no one Believes Them and They Put on a Meeting to get Ruby and Jimmy Kicked out the Building and Diamond and Billy and Amber and Gabe all Join Forces to prove that Ruby and Jimmy had Nothing to Do with The Family Being Gone without a Trace. 14.2
"Never Forget Ruby & Diamond" Hour Long Special January 4, 2014 Ruby and Diamond and Billy all find out that they Have Been Accepted into any College of There Choice After they get a Scholarship of From The W.S.F.A (Web Show Fine Arts) and They are all so Happy and In Ruby's Mind she Thinks That her 2 Best friends are going to To UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) With her But Billy has Plans on Going to CAU (Computer Arts University) In Boston and Diamonds Plans on Going to FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York and They all Think That The Other 2 will be Follow Them But Things don't go That way They all really feel That The School They Picked is a better Choice for them and When its Down to The Moving Day for all of Them Ruby gets Jimmy and Amber to try to help her decides how she is going to Keep Her close friendship with Diamond and Billy when they all Move so far apart from each other but they all have made there minds up and Ruby Decides to before They all Leave they Should Make a Killer Glitz & Glam show bringing all The Clips Back From The First Glitz & Glam web-show and Once there Done Everyone says There Goodbyes Billy Leaves First and Ruby and Diamond have The Hardest Time saying Goodbye to each Other They Start Crying and Hugging and They Think about All The Times That They Have Had with each other in The Past and They Both Bored up on there Airplanes and Leaves and Jimmy Decides to Get Amber to Move in With Him in The Apartment while Ruby is Gone away to College. and The Episodes Ends With Ruby and Diamond and Billy all Looking Out There Airplanes Windows.
Note: This is The Finale Episode of The Series.

Season's RatingsEdit

Season Title Air Date Viewer's
1 Glitz & Glam December 14, 2010 6.8 million
2 Were Back May 16, 2011 7.8 million
3 Were Dating October 17, 2011 8.6 million
4 Web Show Cruise May 5, 2012 15.7 million
5 The Lonely Sister November 3, 2012 10.7 million
6 Ghost & Glam October 12, 2013 12.8 million

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Award Category Recipient(s) Results
2011 U.K Teen Choice 2011 "Choice Show" Glitz & Glam Nominated
2012 2012 Kids' Choice Awards U.K "Favorite Tv Actress" Jackie Spears Won
2012 Kids' Choice Awards U.K "Favorite Male Tv Sidekick" Liam Matrices Won
Spring Choice Awards "Choice Tv Show" Glitz & Glam Nominated
Spring Choice Awards Choice TV Actress Jackie Spears Won
Hot Heat Choice Awards "Favorite Tv Show" Glitz & Glam Won
Hot Heat Choice Awards "Favorite Shared Comedy" Glitz & Glam Won
U.K Teen Choice 2012 "Favorite Tv Actress" Jackie Spears Won
U.K Teen Choice 2012 "Favorite Tv Actress" Ava Heller Nominated
U.K Teen Choice 2012 "Favorite Tv Show" Glitz & Glam Nominated
U.K Teen Choice 2012 Favorite TV Actor Randy Banks Won
U.K Teen Choice 2012 "Favorite Tv Sidekick" Liam Matrices Nominated
2013 2013 Kids' Choice Awards U.K Favorite TV Actress Jackie Spears Won
2013 Kids' Choice Awards U.K Favorite Shared TV Show Glitz & Glam Nominated
U.K Teen Choice 2013 "Favorite Tv Actress" Jackie Spears Won
U.K Teen Choice 2013 "Favorite Tv Actress" Ava Heller Nominated
U.K Teen Choice 2013 "Favorite Tv Show" Glitz & Glam Won
U.K Teen Choice 2013 Favorite TV Actor Randy Banks Nominated
U.K Teen Choice 2013 "Favorite Tv Sidekick" Liam Matrices Nominated
2014 2014 Kid's Choice Awards U.K "Favorite TV Show" Glitz & Glam Nominated
2014 Kid's Choice Awards U.K "Favorite TV Actress" Jackie Spears Won
2014 Kid's Choice Awards U.K "Favorite Male TV Sidekick" Randy Banks Won