Furty Channel Games Season 2
Format Olympic games, Reality, Children, Game show
Created by Shawn Porterman
Starring Various Furty Channel and Furty Channel TX Stars
Opening theme "Help Change"
Country of origin United Kingdom
Language(s) English
No. of episodes 8
Camera setup Videotape (filmized);
Running time 23 Minutes
Original channel Furty Channel
Original run June 8, 2012 – August 10, 2012

The Furty Channel Games: Season 2 Is an annual Olympic-based televised games that air's on the Furty Channel and Will Returning on June 8, 2012.


There will be 4 teams (Yellow,Blue,Red & Orange). Each team will be supporting a charity. Furty will be giving $155,000 to each Charity & the winning team will be getting an additional $1128,000 for the charity from Furty.


The Filming of The games Will Start May 28, 2012 to June 6, 2012 in Sunny Grand Fields in London England.


Team Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Total
Yellow 90 70 80 70 100 100 80 70 660
Blue 70 90 100 90 70 90 90 80 680
Red 100 80 80 80 90 80 100 90 700 Winner
Orange 80 100 70 100 80 70 70 100 670

The Yellow Team : Bumble BeeEdit

Star Country Show/Movie Representing
Mareah Densely (Captain) United Kingdom B.F.F (Tv Series)
Daniel Hessen United Kingdom Leave it to Jack
Carly Juggars United Kingdom Planet Twin
Paige Gambian United Kingdom Dance Dance
Joey Jackson United Kingdom The Adventure's of Andre
Nick Thomas United Kingdom The Ultimate Wizard
Adam Newman United Kingdom Glow!
Selena Hunter United Kingdom Tacky Tilly
Ava Heller United Kingdom Glitz & Glam
Leah Small United Kingdom Actress Hope & Isabella

The Blue Team : Blue BerriesEdit

Star Country Show/Movie Representing
Megan Stone(Captain) United Kingdom The Ultimate Wizard
Latonya Griffin United Kingdom Cindy And The Dog
Jerry Juggars United Kingdom A Rocket Adventure
Charlotte Spencer United Kingdom Dance Dance
Natasha Davis United Kingdom Katelynn
Bryan Marshall United Kingdom Zack & Bella
Logan Bradshad United Kingdom Dreaming Dakota
Megan Stewart United Kingdom Sketch It Up
Ryan Tendering United Kingdom Smarty Pants
Amanda Rootman United Kingdom Smarty Pants

The Red Team : The HawksEdit

Star Country Show/Movie Representing
Trevor Vaner(Captain) United Kingdom Glow!
Jackie Spears United Kingdom Glitz & Glam
Travis Morris United Kingdom Jessica
Christy Zinterwood United Kingdom Jessica
Zoey Pure United Kingdom Misty & Christy
Fredrick Gypper United Kingdom Planet Twin
Miles Smith United Kingdom The Wilson's
Fionna Streamer United Kingdom Dance Dance
Serenity Grey United Kingdom Lucky Katie
Hannah Fredson United Kingdom Zack & Bella

The Orange Team : The OrangesEdit

Star Country Show/Movie Representing
Ryan Woodworth(Captain) United Kingdom Matt & Amy
Sierra Daniels United Kingdom Zack & Bella
Lily Gonder United Kingdom Dreaming Dakota and Smarty Pants
Kent Woos United Kingdom Planet Twin
Jacob Lawson United Kingdom Linda The Nanny
Stephanie Juggars United Kingdom Planet Twin
Adam King United Kingdom Smarty Pants
Whitney Chase United Kingdom Smarty Pants
Victor Wallace United Kingdom Sierra Can Make It
Haylee Kilohm United Kingdom Autumn and Friends


Week Event Description Air Date Winning team
1 Lazzer Tv Show Tag The Teams will be givin little lazzer's and One of the other teamates tv series will pop up and they have to try to shoot theres out but they cant shoot the show that there on or they will lose the Challange. June 8, 2012 Red
2 Silent Karate Every Team captain will have to do the Karate moves that there teamates make for them in 30 seconds but they have to do it in complete Silentness and if they make a sound there team will lose points. June 15, 2012 Orange
3 Can You Dance Everyone will have to show there best Dance moves and the Team with The Most points in Dancing Will Win the Challenge. June 22, 2012 Blue
4 Phone Grass Dig Every will have to dig in the grass to find there captain's Favorite CellPhone July 6, 2012 Orange
5 Meet & Greet The Player's On The teams will have to meet and talk to the team captains and who ever has the longer conversation there Team will win. July 13, 2012 Yellow
6 Follow The Sound The Palyers on the team will have to Follow the Sound of there Captains Vioce to get all the right Materials They need to Finish there Puzzle. July 20, 2012 Yellow
7 The Big Toss The players on the team will ahve to Toss Meat balls at the Captain and they have to catch them on there head hat and the captain with the most will win August 3, 2012 Red
8 3 Secrects The Teamates will ahve to find out 3 secrects about there captains August 10, 2012 Orange


Performer Week
Stephanie Juggars 2
Big Rell Stevens 3
Red Heads 4
Chubby Ben 5
Fionna Streamer 6
Big Rell Stevens 7
Stephanie Juggars and Red Heads 8