Fionna Streamer
Full Name

Fionna Erminia Streamer

Date of Birth

July 7, 1996 (age 22)

Place of Birth

London England U.K




Dance Dance

Years active


Fionna Erminia Streamer (Born July 7, 1996) is an United Kingdom Actress and Singer and Dancer. She is Currently Known For Her Role of Gina in The Furty Channel Original Series Dance Dance.

Early LifeEdit

Fionna was born to her mother and father in Texas were she stayed for 8 years until her mother wanted to move to the United Kingdom in 2004 she Was first discovered when she was singing in her grandpa diner at the age of nine and From there she started getting many roles for Furty Channel and Hines Channel Just to try to Jump Start her Career.


When Fionna was only 7 years old she loved singing her mother would put her in all kinds of School plays and she would sing she has a new Album coming out on June 15, 2011 called "When I look At You". On December 29, 2013 The Actress Announced That she Was Leaving Pine England Records To Move Her Music Career in a Different Direction Tweeting "I Know Everyone Including Furty Channel is Going to be Upset That I Left The Record Label But I Feel That i Was Not Treated With The Business That i Was Suppose to have i Love Pine England Records They have Done So Much For Me But Its Time to Move On All Love"On November 1, 2018 she announced That she is Going to be an independent artist as she was dropped from Get It Records Years ago and Not really being able to Land another deal and she is Going to start releasing her own music in 2019.

Personal LifeEdit

Fionna Streamer Has 3 siblings Greg (born 1989) Serenity (born 1991) ans john (born 1998). She is Very Close Friends with Her Co-Stars Charlotte Spencer and Paige Gambian and she is Also friends with Khole Nixon who she Met on a Film They were in and Hallie Crawford Who She Has Known since she was 11 years old.


Year Show Role Notes
2006 A Dog World Janie Supporting Role
2011 Christmas Is Magical Jamie Parkenson Lead Role Furty Channel Original Movie
2012 The Name Girls Scarlett Main Role Furty Channel Original Move
A Star's Musical Alice Carmine Main Role Furty Channel TX Original Move
2013 Love Triangle Melanie "Mel" Torres Co-Lead Role Furty Channel Original Movie

Television Edit

Year Show Role Notes
2006 The Bubble Kendall 1 episodes
2006 Kints Kids Taya 2 episodes:
2007 Mall Girls Ashley  3 episodes:
2008 Gold Stars Joanna 1 episode:
2008–2010 The Knight of Light Taylor Recurring
2009 Slider Stephanie 12 Episodes
2010 Ask Candy Justina 5 Episodes
2011–2015 Dance Dance Gina Michelson Co Lead Role Furty Channel Original Series
2011 Jessica "Dance Show" (Season 1, episode 19)
2012 Linda The Nanny "Dance with Me" (Season 2, episode 23)
2013 B.F.F (Tv Series) "iThink We Should Dance" (Season 3, episode 3)
2014 The New York O'Keeffe's "A New York Scare" (Season 3, episode 13)
2015 Courtney Choreography Claudette "The Dancing Legends" (season 1, episode 7)

Songs & SinglesEdit

Song Year Album Name
"Go On!" 2011 When I look At You
"Some Seen Dance"
"Palm of My Hand" 2015 The Move On
"See The Stone"
"HEY" 2016


List of albums
Title Album details
When I look At You
The Move On
  • Released: 2016
  • Format: CD, digital download
  • With Get It Records