Emery, Allie, Kerry
Genre Comedy Series
Friendship Comedy
Format Sitcom Series
Created by Rebecca Miseton
Starring Emerson Johnson
Summit Otto
Flora Barnes
McGuire Kenson
Ayo Banks
Edgar Revlin
Opening theme "The Total Three" By Emerson Johnson, Summit Otto and Flora Barnes
Country of origin United Kingdom
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 21 (List of episodes)
Rebecca Miseton
John Eister
Roger Statlender
Producer(s) Herb Jones
Dawn Betjeman
Christopher Hamade
Location(s) Springfield, Missouri
(Setting Location)
London, England
(Filming Location)
Camera setup Multi-Camera
Running time 23 minutes
Lay Entertainment
Miseton & Jones Productions
Original channel Hines Channel
Picture format 720p (HDTV)
First shown in United Kingdom
Original run November 2, 2018 – present
Preceded by Zoey, Samantha, Morgan
Emery, Allie, Kerry is an United Kingdom Hines Channel Comedy Friendship series That is set to make its Premiere on The Network on November 2, 2018. The Series is Created and Executive Produced By Rebecca Miseton who is a Creator of The series (Love Sadie) The series is a spin-off from The Hit Series (Zoey, Samantha, Morgan) Created by Clinton Howard. The series stars (Emerson Johnson, Summit Otto and Flora Barnes) as The Leads. The Promo/Trailer for The series was shown in September of 2018.The series Premiered with 15.2 Million Viewers on its Premiere Night.


The Series Follows Emery (Emerson Johnson) and Allie (Summit Otto) who Has been Best friends There whole Lives They Live right Next door to each Other it Has always Been Them everybody envy's Them and wants to hangout with them But when New Girl Kerry (Flora Barnes) Moves in across The Street and she is This Basketball Star That everyone seems to Like her and want to Hang with her Emery and Allie Finds Themselves going down on the Social Chart and This Cant Be Happening Because middle school is starting in a few days and Emery and Allie Needs to remain at The Top and Kerry New Spunk Popularity Cold Be what The Girls Need so They decides to Let her in The group although Kerry could care less but she Likes Emery and Allie and Together The Three of Them will take on middle school Like the Charlies Angel's without The crime fighting skills.


The series First came into Production in Late 2016 when The Network talked with Clinton Howard about Creating a spin-off to The series (Zoey, Samantha, Morgan) but he was to busy Focusing on His Hit Series (Sid in The Middle) and he Couldn't do another series at The Moment and in Fall of 2017 Creator Rebecca Miseton contacted the network about a Series once her series (Love Sadie) was coming to a Close and The Network Thought That would Be the Perfect Time for The series and she threw out some Idea for the series and she suggested that The series Take a Middle school Turn This time around and The Network Loved That and she Came up with some Idea's for the series about 3 sisters who are in 6th and 7th and 8th grade but The Network Scrapped that idea and she Changed them into Best friends starting Middle school together and The Network Loved That idea and On March 28, 2018 Hines Channel Announced They have Officially Ordered a Spin-off to The series That Will Take Place in a Middle School Version and The roles of The Main cast Emma, Alex, Kate were all in production Emma was originally a Pop star Singer type of Girl But when Dancer (Emerson Johnson) auditioned and Got The Role The Character was Changed into an African American dancer and The Name was Changed into Emery and (Summit Otto) Was Picked for the Role of Alex before being Changed into Allie and The Role of Kate before being named Kerry was originally a Korean Role But (Flora Barnes) Got The Role and it was Changed it into a Latino/Hispanic role and The Production for The series started in Early June of 2018 The series Original episode order was 13 But The Network Ordered 8 More episodes to the series freshman season bring it up to 21 episodes. The series was Under a Different Title in The development stages at First the series was Called Emma, Alex, Kate and Then it was Changed into Emery, Alex, Kate then The series Title was Finally changed into Emery, Allie, Kerry. The series is set to make its Premiere on November 2, 2018 after The Film (SPACE) on The Network.


Emery Greene (Played By Emerson Johnson) She is an 11 year old African American Dance Queen Emery is a great dancer she Loves to dance she has always Love dot dance ever since she was Younger she used to compete in dance contest in elementary school she is Very Fun and Outgoing she likes to have fun Emery can Be sneaky and a Little on the adventurous side she is Best friends with Allie They have Lived Next to each Other for Most of There Lives and she is also best friends with Kerry her and Allie accepted Kerry into There Group its a shock because They don't let anyone in there Group but They thought it will be fun to have three instead of 2. Emery is a Vibrant person and she is always down for the Party she is somewhat on the smart side but she usually leaves that all to Allie she Likes to eat she Loves Burgers and fries she is always getting annoyed by her little sister Jazzy who like a walking Talking Nosy machine into her life. Emery is also friends with Wilbert and Lamar and Gibby she used to be Best friends with Victor but that was so 4th grade Emery style is described as urban Dance.

Allie Watson (Played By Summit Otto) She is an 11 year old Caucasian Book Smart Guru Allie is Very Smart she has a Photographic memory she is Liek an Open Book when it come sot school she is Very Feisty and sassy she uses her Brain as a way of destroying People she loves to use corrects facts and make others look Dumb but to on purpose she is juts so smart she cant help it she is the only Child and her Mom is kind of on the annoying side so Allie drowns herself in books and work she is bets friends with Emery they have lived next door for years she feels Emery is more like her sister they do everything together and no one can mess with Emery without Allie being there she is also best friends with kerry who was the New Girl she used to be friends with Victor but that shipped has sailed big time she is also friends with Lamar and Wilbert and she is the Love Interest of Gibby who she always turns down and she is Enemy's with Connie and Little Jazzy Her style be described as Girly-Preppy.

Kerry Bartoli (Played By Flora Barnes) She is an 11 Year old Latino/Hispanic Female basketball Star Kerry Loves basketball its her life her Father is The Coach and she is The captain of The Middle school Girls basketball team she hopes one day The Boys and Girls team can merge and she can really show The Guys she is Better Then Them she is The Only girl in her Family she has 2 Older brothers her Mom passed away a few years ago and Kerry wears a Charm bracelet with her Mom name on it for good Luck for all her games she is the new girl in town and she becomes best friends with Emery and Allie who are like Middle school Royalty and Everyone seems to Live Kerry because she has a fun whit and Dominate attitude about herself she is a Bit of a Tomboy she is also friends with Wilbert and Lamar and Gibby Her style can be summed up to be Sporty-Chic

Wilbert Montacore (Played By McGuire Kenson) He is a 12 year old go with the Flo type of Guy he failed 6th grade last year so he has to repeat it again this year because he just never can get the focus on school its not a major factor in his life right now although he needs to get his act together because his parents told him if he fails again he will be sent to an all boy Boarding school and That is hard for Wilbert because girls are on his Mind all of The time That's why he cant focus because he is always flirting with girls he is handsome and good looking he is friends with Emery and Allie, Kerry and Lamar and Gibby.

Lamar Davis (Played By Ayo Banks) He is an 11 year old African American shy guy but comes quick with the Jokes on the Low he doesn't like to be in the Big crowds he hates Parties he rather read Mystery Novels and Chill out he likes to have fun but in his own Little way he cant have as Much sugar and sweets as everyone else because he has Diabetes he was born with it he doesn't like to be treated any different because of it he like sot prove people wrong and show then he can do just as much as They can do if not more and better he is a smart kid with a Kind Heart he is Friends with Emery, Allie and Kerry and Gibby and Wilbert.

Gibson "Gibby" Phyllis (Played By Edgar Revlin) He is a slacking Fun having Guitar Playing 11 year old Boy he likes to roll The dice on everything in His Life he is The Party if you look up party in the Dictionary his face will be right next to it he is rock star in the Making he loves Pop and Rock Music he loves music Period he likes singing and Creating sounds he goes by The name of Gibby because he doesn't like his real name Gibson he is in love with Allie but she never pays him any attention because there to different he will win her over one day he wont stop trying he is friends with Emery and Kerry and Wilbert and Lamar.

Recurring CastEdit

Victor He is a smart genius who Thinks he Knows everything he is Enemy's with Allie and Emery he used to be there male Best friend back in elementary school Now he tries to Beat them at everything as payback.

Connie She is a Fierce 11 year Princess she is Like the Popular girl in The Middle school she is Brave and Out There and she Runs The Halls she is Deeply in Love with Gibby who Only has eyes for Allie.

Freda Greene She is Emery's Mom who sued to be an actress But she hanged up Those skills when she had Emery and Jazzy she wanted to focus on being a Mom and she Take sit serious she is at every school rally and Parent meeting.

Justin Greene he is Emery slacking and Laid back Father Nothing really Bothers him although he loves to read the News Paper its an act so Freda wont nag him about something.

Wendy Watson She is Allie neurotic happy go Lucky Mom she is a Door to door sales women of her own Product she created Called "Vacuum -Boom" where she created vacuum cleaners to clean Dirt up to 6 feet in the air in Minutes she is divorced.

Coach Bartoli He is a Sports fan and he is The Coach for every sport form the Middle school to The High school he was a Big sport head back in his day But when he knee went bad he had to hang that up he is single his wife passed away a few years ago he wants his Kids to major in sports like he did he is tough and stern.

Greg Bartoli He is Kerry 14 Older brother he is a a Game Head he loves video Game he is on The High school baseball team he is The middle child he is always coming up short with there dad when it comes to Zayne and Kerry.

Zayne Bartoli He is Kerry 16 Year old Older brother he is a Football star for The High school he is the Oldest out of Him and Greg and Kerry there dad is The Coach for sports he is a little bit of a air head but he has a great heart.

Jazzy Greene She is Emery 7 year old Younger sister she is Very Evil and Rude she loves her dolls and she Loves to be The Bossy one around The House she is always snooping into Emery Business she is always arguing with Allie.


Emery House Its Emery House where she Lives with her Parents and Little sister.

Allie House Its Allie House where she Lives with her Mother.

Kerry House Its Kerry House where she Lives with her Dad and Brothers.

Emery Room Its Emery Room where she sleeps and Hangouts with her Friends.

George Hopkins Middle School Its The Middle school where the Girls attend with there friends Home of George Hopkins Gecko mascot.

Soda For Your Thoughts Its a Hangout for The Kids in town.

The Gym Its The school Gym where Kerry is always at

The Street Its The Street where Emery and Allie and Kerry Houses are on where the Neighborhood Kids Hangout


  • The Production Started on June 8, 2018.