Deadly Little Society
Series Title Card
Genre Drama Series
Crime Thriller
Created by Olivia Collier
Based On Deadly Little Society
(Book Series)
Starring Marty O'Riley
Kent Scalero
Nicki Duffey
Julia Savoy
Dirk Chandler
Tanley Crowder
Opening theme "Legends That Were Told" by Marty O'Riley
Country of origin United Kingdom
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 22 (List of episodes)
Olivia Collier
Bob Carzone
Greyson Tunglean
Producer(s) Hank Quote
Miriam Shackler
Rufus Knowing
Location(s) London England
Camera setup Red Two; Single-Camera
Running time 41–45 minutes
Colt. Television
Bage Productions
Senior Productions
Original channel Curve
First shown in United Kingdom
Original run October 6, 2018 – present
Related shows Secrets Kill

Deadly Little Society is an United Kingdom Mystery Thriller Teen Drama Series That is set to make its Premiere on The network on October 6, 2018 The series is created By Olivia Collier who serves as The Creator and producer of The hit series (Secrets Kill). The series is based off The Book series with The Same Name. The series Stars Award Winning Actress and Singer (Marty O'Riley) as The Lead in The series. The series is Under production Companies Colt. Television, Bage Productions, Senior Productions.The series Reached an Average of 12.5 Million Viewers on its Premiere Night making it The Most watched Pilot episode on The Network of all time.On February 1, 2019 Curve Ordered a Second Season to The series.


Harper McGuffey (Marty O'Riley) practically runs her exclusive and prestigious High School in a Small Town of Mangewood, NY right outside of Manhattan. She Calls her self The Queen Bee she doesn't care about Making Friends They want to make her and Harper Had The best Life Possible That is, until her Best friend from grade school Cammy body is found in the woods behind the school After everyone else is oddly silent Harper becomes determined to uncover the truth no matter what she has to do or break to do it. With the help of Cammy's twin brother Chad, and Her Sexy Crazy Cool Friends Elianna and Kensley and cute classmate named Wyatt, Harper discovers that Cammy wasn’t quite the innocent Sweet Smart girl she pretended to be. But someone will do anything to stop Harper’s snooping in this fast-paced Mysterious Murder Mystery even if it means framing her for Cammy’s murder.

Production & CastingEdit

The series came into Development in August of 2017 when TV Creator Olivia Collier who created The Hit Thriller Drama series (Secrets Kill) was in Talks with The Network on Creating a new series based off a Book series Called Deadly Little Society and The Network Thought it was a great idea and They wanted her to Move forward with it Not Knowing if The Network was Going to Pick The series up for Just a For a Pilot The Creator was Just Hoping for The Best and she started sending out The Script and Auditions to Agents all Over and (Marty O'Riley) was Approached and she auditioned for The role of Kensley in October of 2017 and Months went Buy without anything being said Then The actress was Called in The CURVE Studios to read The script in front of There Big Executives for the Network and about 5 Hours after That she got The called That she would be Playing The leading Role of Harper in The series and about 2 weeks Later the Network announced They Have Officially Picked The series up for a Fall premiere The Casting for The series Started in March of 2018 and (Dirk Chandler) Was Originally Casted as Chad But was replaced By Kent Scalero and Dirk took Over the role of Wyatt finding The Perfect Girls to Play Elianna and Kensley were so easy Because (Nicki Duffey) was made for That Role and (Julia Savoy) Joined The series in May after another actress Had to Drop out of for The role of kensley and The Casting for Cammy was The Hardest out of all Because The Creator wanted someone who can Pull this role off to magic and when (Tanley Crowder) who was a new-coming actress walked into her audition They Knew she was The one and she instantly made a Bond with Marty O'Riley and That worked so well for The Producers and The series episode Order was going to be 13 But The Network had faith into The series and They ordered a Full season of 22 for The First season. The series started its Production in July of 2018 in Colt. Television Studios That Holds The Built set and Fictional Town of The series.On February 1, 2019 Curve Ordered a Second Season to The series.


Main CastEdit

  • Harper McGuffey (Played Marty O'Riley) She is a smart and sexy and Classy well put together 17 year old Queen who Basically runs her exclusive High school of Mangewood high she is cna Be rude and Viscous if you push her to go That far she is such a sweet girl with good intentions at times she is bright she is caring and Lieks ot Look after otehr Pople But note to self she is the wrong person to cross or it will be hell to pay she is Rivals with Penelope Lott They Have been for years she is Best friends with Chad and Elianna and Kensley and she is friends with her Crush Wyatt she used to be best friends with cammy Page Before she was Murdered and Harper takes Cammy death in bad way it kind of Changed her life because she has Been Friends with Cammy since they were little girls and she decides to try to Solve her Murder as a way of getting her closer and Letting her Friend rest in peace Knowing she is solving her Murder but Challenges are in Harper way and This could be a dangerous Game she is playing she could get People she loves or even herself hurt in this case she Lives with her parents Melody and Duncan who are The Perfect parents They have Great career jobs but they seem to have the Most secrets out of everyone in town and Harper Knows its why she can Barley stand being in the same room with her Parents. And Harper well soon Learn That Trusting everyone is not a Good thing because The Things she will find out about Cammy will shock her and Might slow her down in The search for her killer.
  • Chad Page (Played Kent Scalero) He is a cool stud very Driven and Talented he is skilled with the Guitar he is smart but he doesn't Really Brag or Care about it as Much He is The twin brother of Cammy he is Older By 3 Minutes Him and his sister were Very Close They Knew everything about each Other so he thought he did he never knew about The wild side of his sister, Chad is addicted to pain Killers meds it helps him get Through things He and His sister were raised By There Father Chester Page Because There Mom Died when they were 8 of a drug Overdose Chad and His dad don't really get along Because Chester wants Chad to be something he is Not he wants him to Push harder like Cammy did. Chad is Close with Harper he has Known her forever and He Knows That sh is The 1 Person that Understands Him More then anyone else will besides Cammy he is dating Alyssia and he is friends with Elianna and Kensley and Wyatt.
  • Elianna Traynor (Played Nicki Duffey) She is a Sexy Popular Vixen of The town Elianna is a free spirit she Likes to Have fun and do Things Normal girls wouldn't do she is Very Open about her sex Life she Sleeps with all Kinds of Guys she is Like The Player she sleeps with you Then never calls You Back its Her Thing she Loves to not wear Underwear and Bra's she has Great Boobs she used to Sleep with Jesse But he is a Psychopath so she cut things off with him she is very Loud and Vibrant and doesn't care who is around her or she doesn't care what comes out of her Mouth and usually its The wrong Thing at The wrong time she used to be friends with cammy before she died she looked at cammy as her Teacher because she use to do all of Her Homework Now That Cammy is dead Elianna has to actually study But That Probably wont Happen she Just Sleep with a Genus and Have him do her work she is Best friends with Harper and Kensley and Chad and Newcomer Wyatt she is raised by a Single Mother she doesn't know who her dad is her Mom got knocked up at 16 and cant recall who The father is.
  • Kensley Bullock (Played By Julia Savoy) She is a Sharp Tongue and Optimistic 17 year old Teenage she is very On The Girly Side she Likes to look Good kind of like a Beauty Queen or Pageant princess she likes the Better things in Life she likes Diamonds and Pearls and Expensive things she used to hangout with Old men for Money because she comes from a Low income Household she lives with her Older sister Keeley who is Like in Charge of Her since there parents gave Them Both up for adoption years ago but Kensley is The one in The group That Knows how to make it Happen and she is a Driven go get her she used to be friends with Cammy before she was Killed she loves to flip her Curly Black Hair around Like its worth Money she is Best friends with Harper and Elianna and chad and Hottie Wyatt.
  • Wyatt Hopkins (Played Dirk Chandler) He is a Cool new Guy in Mangewood High school he is very Hot he can get anything eh wants from girls he doesn't have to do anything to Get girls out of There Underwear he is just that Sexy he is dark and mysterious he Likes to wear lather Jackets and be a Stud he is Sleeping with Harper Mom Melody They start Seeing each Other Over the summer when eh first Moved to Town he comes from a Dangerous Past he was in and Out of Juvy for Violent acts against anyone who he was crossed by he is The Crush of Harper and he is friends with Chad and Elianna and Kensley.

Supporting CastEdit

  • Cammy Page (Played By Tanley Crowder) (Flashbacks Scenes) She was a Innocent and Shy and Quiet 17 year old Girl she always did Thing By The Book she was always on The right side of wrong she was a straight A Student she Helped The Needy all of The Time she was always a great friend to Everyone she was best friends with Harper and Her brother Chad she didn't like Penelope Lott or Her brother Girlfriend Alyssia because she felt That he was to good for her and she was friends with Elianna and Kensley. Cammy Murdered on a Stormy Night in Town and Her Body is Found in The woods behind The school The Search is On For her Murderer.

Recurring CastEdit

Penelope Lott (Played By Renee Allman) This Brunette Man-Eater is Evil to The Bone she doesn't take anyone feelings into consideration she is That Bitch with her Her red Lipstick to Match she is an Honor student she gets what she wants or she will find a way to get what she wants no Matter what The cost is she comes from a Highly Rich Family so Money is No Object to her she sued to be friends with Harper and Cammy But That ended quick and They become her Arch Enemy's Now That cammy is dead Penelope is one of suspects because she hated Cammy But Not as Much as she Hates Harper.

Jesse He is a Sweet Nice and Hansom 17 year old he is emotional But he has a Dark side he is very aggressive and dangerous he sued sleep with Elianna he thought she was The one for him But she drop him like a sack and Jesse is not truly over her.

Alyssia She is Chad 17 year old Girlfriend she is Preppy is smart and Whitty and That Drives The Girls in Mangewood High crazy she didn't always get along with Cammy and That is a regret of Hers.

Detective Neil Wiggins (Played By Joseph Kencade) He is The mid 20 something Year old Detective on The Case of Cammy Murder he will stop at nothing to find out who Milled her even if That Means watching Her friends and family like a hawk he is Very determine he is also hiding a Big Secret of his own.

Melody McGuffey (Played By Natalie De'Sota) She is Harper Elegant Mother who Has it all The Big Nice House The handsome Husband and The perfect daughter not mention she is having an affair with the Hottest High school student in Town Wyatt. Melody is a Vicious Women she is a shark she goes in for The Kill and she doesn't care who gets Hurt.

Chester Page He is The Father of Chad and Cammy he is Very Strict on his Kids more so his Son Chad His wife Overdosed with the twins were Younger his Biggest regret is That he didn't Take the Time to really Learn who his daughter was before she was Killed.

Keeley Bullock She is Kensley Older sister who is an Openly Lesbian she works for a Coffee shop That The Teens Likes to Hangout in she is The Guardian of Her sister Because There parents Put Them up for adoptions years ago she Likes to hangout at bars and Pick up women for sex.

Rosalinda Traynor She is Elianna Mother who is a drunk and Town Whore she is always drinking and Looking for a Good time with Guys although she is a good Mother to Elianna she did anything she could to make sure Elianna had The bets life although she has No idea who Elianna father is.

Duncan McGuffey He is a Hot shot Lawyer in Town he is the best in mangewood No one can win a case against Him He is Married to melody and Harper is His daughter although Duncan Might seem Like the perfect man he hiding something Major from His family.

Differences From The Book and TV SeriesEdit

  • In The Book It Was Said That Cammy and Kensley hated each Other But in The series it Will Them as Friends.
  • In The Series Wyatt is Sleeping With Melody McGuffey But in The Book He is Sleeping with a teacher.
  • In The Book Penelope Lott Was Aiming and Looked at being The Killer But in The Series she wont be.

Cast SeasonsEdit

Actor Character Seasons
Marty O'Riley Harper McGuffey Main
Kent Scalero Chad Page Main
Nicki Duffey Elianna Traynor Main
Julia Savoy Kensley Bullock Main
Dirk Chandler Wyatt Hopkins Main
Tanley Crowder Cammy Page Supporting
Renee Allman Penelope Lott Recurring
Jesse Recurring
Alyssia Recurring
Detective Wiggins Recurring
Melody McGuffey Recurring
Chester Page Recurring
Keeley Bullock Recurring
Rosalinda Traynor Recurring
Duncan McGuffey Recurring

Critic ReceptionEdit

Critics say The series is very dark and Thrilling and Has That Mysterious Look and atmosphere and They say it Great to see Actress (Marty O'Riley) Take on a Dark and Different Role from her days on Furty Channel and They say she brings The series to Justice with her talents and The critics give The series 73 stars out of 100 Gold stars.


Season Timeslot # Ep. Premiered Ended
Date Premiere
(in millions)
Date Finale
(in millions)
Season 1 Saturday's at 8 22 October 6, 2018 12.5  TBA TBA

Awards and Nomination's Edit

Year Award Category Recipient(s) Result(s)
2019 2019 Hines Viewer's Choice Awards "Impressive Drama TV Show" Deadly Little Society Pending
"Impressive Drama TV Actress" Marty O'Riley Pending
"Impressive Drama TV Actor" Kent Scalero Pending
"Impressive Drama TV Actor" Dirk Chandler Pending


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