Alexis Jordan
Birth name Alexis Olivia Jordan
Born July 31, 1993 (age 25)

London England, U.K.

Occupation(s) Actress,Voice Actress
Years active 2008-pres

Alexis Olivia Jordan is an U.K actress that was born on July 31, 1993.

Early LifeEdit

Alexis was born in London England to her mother her father was killed in the service before she was born so she really has never had a father figure in her life.

Personal LifeEdit

Alexis has been acting since 2008 when she landed the role of Jessica Daze in the hit movie the Eye Drop she has 1 younger sibling johnny in 2012 Alexis will be Playing the role of Stacey Watson in Furty Channel new hit tv series Katie:(TV Series).


Year Title Role Notes
2008 The Eye Drop Jessica Daze Lead role Original Movie
2010 The Globe Chrystal Night Supporting Role Original Movie
2012 Love Life Cassidy Colman Role Furty Channel Original Movie
2012 Groovy Grovers Dana Lead Role Furty Channel Original Movie

Television Edit

Year Title Role Notes
2011 Ask Candy Nina (1 Episode)
2011 Gold Stars Kim (2 Episodes)
2012-2013 Lucky Katie Stacey Watson Main Cast Furty Channel Original series
2012 Tacky Tilly Nina Gerald "Tacky Nina Gerald" (Season 2 Episode 21)