The following is a list of episodes of the Furty Channel sitcom, A Vampire's World. The series is Permire is June 14, 2011 Filming for the first season began January 2011.

Series overview Edit

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.K. Dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 22 June 14, 2011 October 27, 2011
2 9 November 3, 2011 December 5, 2011

Season 1: 2011Edit

Episode # Season # Episode title Original air date Prod.code U.K. viewers
1 1 "Rules Are Rules" June 14, 2011 10111.2
A group of young vampires are brought to a boarding school so they can be integrated into human society. Drew, Josh Stander a vampire, forms a psychic bond with Meghan, Heather Price a human.
2 2 "There's a New Vampire in Town" June 21, 2011 1029.8
New vampire Karl Gabe Shown joins the group and immediately starts breaking the rules. Meanwhile Meghan tires not to fall in love with Drew and Mimi get's Kidnapped bye Jodie and her Crew.
3 3 "In Your Dreams" June 28, 2011 1037.2
Meghan mistakenly believes that her old boyfriend is her secret admirer, and Drew attempts to contact her in her dreams.
4 4 "A Grave Matter" July 5, 2011 10410.45
Karl becomes depressed and agitated, and is spotted by a former classmate who realizes he's supposed to be dead. Marner fends off a special investigator who's on the trail of vampires.
5 5 "Things That Vamp in the Night" July 12, 2011 10511.6
Drew attempts to contact Meghan through her Ouija board, Meanwhile Karl and Jodie Are up to there old tricks.
6 6 "Lady Is a Vampire" July 19, 2011 10610.3
Meghan's mother shows up in response to a psychic call and wants to take her away from Academy but Drew wont let her go so fast. Meanwhile Mimi and Jodie have a fight that Turns Deadly.
7 7 "Frenzy Fake Blood" July 26, 2011 1229.3
Professor Marner tries to wean the students off of real blood, but when Drew and Meghan go to town to test the experiment, something goes horribly wrong.
8 8 "Nice Teeth" August 2, 2011 1078.5
When One of Drew's Teeth brakes he in Danger and its up to Meghan and Mimi to save them and drew from the Light. meanwhile Jodie Karl go Blood Shopping.
9 9 "The Race Of Time" August 9, 2011 10810.7
Jodie and Mimi Get caught in a Vortex and There Running out of Time so Drew and Karl ask the For Professor Marner help but He cant so Its up to Paul and Meghan
10 10 "Jealous Vampire" August 10, 2011 1096.2
Drew gets jealous when Meghan falls for a new student. Meanwhile, MImi searches for her lost pet rat.
11 11 "I Dont" August 11, 2011 1108.1
Professor Marner leads the night students in an ancient memory exercise that allows each one of the vampires to revisit the kill that they most regret.
12 12 "Drink Blood Part 1" August 18, 2011 1118.7
When Jodie sees Mimi flirting with Karl she sends out her Bats to Kidnap Meghan and try to make her Tell her were and why Mimi and Karl have been Hanging out and Meghan wont Talk so Jodie threatens to make her drink blood which will make her loose her Love Connection with Drew.
13 13 "Drink Blood Part 2" August 25, 2011 1129.2
14 14 "Fail Vampire" September 1, 2011 1137.9
15 15 "Moral Evil" September 8, 2011 1148.3
16 16 "Mummy Eyes" September 15, 2011 1158.87