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A Vampire's World
Vampireworld Logo
Format Comedy-drama
Created by Paul Tame
Directed by George Mathewson
Produced by Robert vanquisher
Theme performed By
Starring Josh Stander
Heather Price
Malcolm Gisser
Chanel Robinson
Jefferey Farley
Camille Resther
Gabe Shown
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes (A Vampire's World Episodes)
Executive Producers James Oriental
Co-Executive Producer Heather Brien
Original Run June 14, 2011 - December 5, 2011
Status Currently Airing
Production company L.O.L Laugh out Loud
Original Channel Furty Channel
Running Time 23 Minutes Without Commercials


A Vampire's World show centered on a group of young vampires subjected to a daring experiment by the "Elders": taken in by a boarding school that also housed mortal teenagers, with the intent of civilizing the vampires. Many problems faced the students on both the day and night curriculum, including typical teen issues of love, friends and enemies. Professor Marner was on hand to help them along with their school work, but he too had problems that could put the lives of the teens in mortal danger.


Drew Rachimova (Josh Stander) A dark, silent and mysterious vampire. He falls in love with a mortal, Meghan, who Drew believes is his "One", a vampiric term referring to one's soul mate. Drew has the power to see and hear things happening far away.

Meghan Hopkins (Heather Price) An unusual mortal girl who falls in love with a vampire, Drew. Right after Meghan finds out that Drew is a vampire, she tries to Break up with Him but he wants to Bite her and Turn her into a vampire Meghan also Know's Karate.

Paul Strickland (Malcolm Gisser) A young vampire who is easily led astray in the program. He looks up to Drew and Jodie, and has a romantic relationship with Jodie.

Jodie Todman (Chanel Robinson) Jodie is blonde, glamorous, and of royal lineage. She develops an awkward and turbulent relationship with Paul. Jodie has the power of hypnotic suggestion, sometimes using this power to wipe the memories of people who accidentally witness the vampires' activities.

Professor Marner (Jefferey Farley) The enigmatic and mysterious leader of the group of vampires, and head of the school. It is not fully revealed exactly what he is, though there are hints he is neither human nor vampire.

Mimi Spicerman (Camille Resther) Best friend to Meghan and never realizes how close she becomes to being a victim of a vampire.and she is enemies with Jodie

Karl McAllister (Gabe Shown) Karl is Somewhat wayward and rebel-esque, Karl is noted for his humorous outlook on life and light-hearted nature. He becomes romantically interested in Mimi Spicerman. Karl has the power to telekinetically move objects with his mind.