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6teen: The Movie
Genre Comedy, Drama
Family, Teen
Created by TBA
Directed by TBA
Produced by TBA
language English
Starring Kent Woos
Sarah Jonson
Network Furty (United Kingdom)
Family Channel (Canada)
Editing TBA
Running time
Running time 77 Min
Country United Kingdom
Release date June 29, 2011
Production company Smile Funny


6teen is an animated situation comedy for teenagers, and the plots take place entirely in a gigantic shopping mall. The mall is based on the Eaton Centre in Toronto, Ontario. The series follows the cast of six sixteen-year-old friends in their first part-time jobs and teenage lives.

6teen is focused on the common problems related to teenagers. The characters, Nikki, Jonesy, Jen, Jude, Wyatt, and Caitlin deal with first crushes, first jobs, first bank accounts and a sweet taste of freedom. Nikki finds herself stuck working at The Khaki Barn, a store that she wouldn't be caught dead shopping in, while Jen has found her dream job at a sports shop, but makes some mistakes. Jonesy manages to get fired from a new store in every single episode, Wyatt's hopelessly in love with his older co-worker, and Caitlin endures the daily humiliation of working in the lowest store in the mall's hierarchy of cool – The Big Squeeze, a giant lemon.